Nick Carter talks ’emotional’ performance one day after Aaron Carter’s death

Nick Carter attends the premiere of Show 'Em What You're Made Of, and Aaron Carter attends the Wango Tango in 2017
Nick Carter recalled getting emotional while performing with the Backstreet Boys the day after his brother, Aaron Carter, passed away. Pic credit: ©

Backstreet Boys singer, Nick Carter, opened up about performing on stage shortly after his brother, Aaron Carter, passed away. In an interview on December 2, Nick revealed that it was emotional for him to get back on stage after Aaron passed away on November 5.

He explained that he broke down in tears after one of the Backstreet Boys’ U.K. concerts. The band had honored Aaron during the performance, and everything about it was quite emotional for Nick.

He admitted that he didn’t know what to expect when getting back on stage. After experiencing such a sudden and devastating loss, it was “tough” for the singer to get on stage again.

However, Nick decided to perform anyways because, “There’s the old saying the show must go on, that’s been with us for years.” Even with that sentiment, though, he was unsure of his decision.

In the end, though, the reaction he received from fans was one of never-ending support. It was emotional for him to experience their reaction of support, and it “meant a lot” to him.

In addition to the fans’ support, he was also grateful for the support of his fellow band members, who were there for him and helped him to honor Aaron.

Nick Carter on band’s support after Aaron Carter’s passing

The Backstreet Boys were especially helpful in supporting Nick after Aaron’s passing. As the host of Extra stated, it was very “important” that Nick had the band with him during that emotional performance.

After all, the band has been together for almost 30 years now and has truly become a family. Meanwhile, their fans are also a big part of what keeps them going and has allowed them to have such a long-lived career.

A.J. McLean, in trying to capture the nature of the Backstreet Boys fanbase could only state, “BSB army, man.”

Nick has been keeping busy with the Backstreet Boys in the weeks following his brother’s passing. They just recently wrapped up their U.K. tour and then jumped into promoting their new Christmas album.

A Very Backstreet Boys Christmas was released on October 14 and marked the band’s very first Christmas album. With the Christmas holiday drawing closer, they have been ramping up their efforts to promote the new release.

On December 14, they’ll be hosting a holiday special feature on Disney+. During the feature, they’ll share songs from their Christmas album, as well as some of their other biggest hits.

Nick penned a heartfelt tribute to Aaron

A day after Aaron passed away, Nick took to social media to pay tribute to his younger brother. The two brothers were both musicians though Nick was five years older than Aaron.

Nick admitted that he and Aaron had a complicated relationship. Aaron had a strained relationship with several of his siblings and had made various allegations of abuse against them.

Due to Aaron’s erratic behavior and threats of violence, Nick filed a restraining order against him in 2019. However, despite all of that, Nick reiterated that he never stopped loving his brother.

He also expressed how he had hoped that his brother would get help and lead a healthier life down the line. Nick blamed addiction and mental illness for Aaron’s passing, calling it “the real villain.”

The touching tribute was paired with several sweet photos of Nick and Aaron when they were kids. It also ended in a heartbreaking plea to god to take care of his “baby brother.”

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