Neyo confirms split from wife Crystal Renay Smith

Neyo and wife of 4 years officially split
Neyo confirms split with wife of 4 years, Crystal Renay. Pic credit: MJT/AdMedia

R&B singer Neyo officially confirmed that he and wife Crystal Renay Smith’s marriage is over after four years.

Reports have been swirling that the couple has been going through difficulties. However, neither commented about the allegations until now.

The 49-year old singer, whose real name is Shaffer Smith, revealed the news on a recent podcast, Private Talk with Alexis Texas  where he said: “myself and my wife have decided to go ahead and get a divorce.”

Although he didn’t divulge what led to the breakup, he made it clear that “She’s got demons just like everybody else, just like me. We realize that our demons don’t mesh and until both of us get a hold of our personal demons, it’s gonna be just difficult for us to stay married.”

Neyo also said in the interview that they will continue to co-parent their two sons together and he will always respect her.

Crystal and Neyo’s relationship has been under scrutiny and criticism from the very beginning

Neyo called off his first engagement to Monyetta Shaw, the mother of his twin because he could not commit to a monogamous relationship.

Monyetta revealed on VH1’s short-lived reality show, Atlanta Exes, that she had gotten her tubes tied and was unable to have any more kids. Neyo and Monyetta decided after the birth of their twins (a boy and a girl) that their family was complete.

They agreed that Monyetta would get her tubes tied, and Neyo would undergo a vasectomy. Monyetta held up her end of the bargain, Neyo did not.

Furthermore, soon after he and Crystal began dating they announced she was pregnant.

So the couple seemed to have started their relationship of rocky ground

Crystal and Neyo got married in 2016, and one month later, Shaffer Smith Jr was born.

Neyo, Crystal, and Monyetta were at odds in the beginning. However, as the years went by, the three found a way to co-exist for the sake of the kids.

The couple welcomed another son in 2018 and seemed to be doing well. However, as we know, things aren’t always what they seem.

Crystal has not commented about the news of her impending divorce from the R&B singer, but she unfollowed him and wiped all traces of him from her Instagram page.

However, Neyo still has this Instagram photo of the couple at the 2019 Latin American Music Awards.

Neyo is also set to release his newest single, Pinky Ring, inspired by the divorce.

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