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New Julia Fox photo gets a huge reaction the actress wasn’t expecting

Julia Fox before
Actress Julia Fox in 2020 at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Pic credit: ©

Julia Fox goes viral in a new photo as she sports a drastically different look from her 2019 breakout role in Uncut Gems.

The actress is no stranger to criticism about her fashion choices since she enjoyed newfound popularity following her brief romance with Kanye West earlier this year.

Fox was at Paris Fashion Week, showing off her latest fashionable outfits and creative eyebrows on the catwalk.

Fans debate Julia Fox’s new photo on social media

The 31-year-old fashionista celebrated her time in Paris through photos with designers, models, and other creatives.

“PARIS IS BURNING AND THE KIDS ARE ON FIRE 🔥🔥🔥 I got to meet so many brilliant designers, some only at the beginning of their careers. ~Truly from the bottom of my heart thank you for allowing me the honor of wearing your art ~🥹🥹♥️ and shout out @brianaandalore for the vision 🎯”

While many of her blue-check followers gave the stunning actress a shout-out, her critics reacted to the new look with disapproval.

“She used to be hot,” one commenter wrote.

“What happened to the Julia Fox off of Uncut Gems 😭” another chimed in, poking fun at her appearance.

“until u bring ur brows back, ima have to unfollow queen,” a commenter said in reaction to her pencil-line eyebrow look.

An Instagram lurker couldn’t help but drag Ye into the photo.

“I will never forgive Kanye West for this,” the person added.

Pic credit: @juliafox/Instagram

The first photo, which garnered negative reactions, shows Fox rocking a stylish Patou dress, which she modeled during Paris Fashion Week.

Patou shared a photo of the dress on their Instagram page, showing the mother of one striking a pose in front of an audience.

Twitter roasts the viral Julia Fox photo

On Twitter, the photo was shared from her Instagram account and quickly went viral, with observers comparing the actress’s new appearance to her breakout role in the Netflix hit Uncut Gems.

An observer suggests her gaunt appearance is due to drug use.

“Julia Fox did Uncut Gems and then immediately started doing copious amounts of cocaine,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user wished they could unsee the photo.

“Please stop posting that Julia fox picture,” the person wrote with a video for comedic effect.

One had a different take,  questioning how Kanye’s ex appears sensational in some photos and not so much in others.

“We need to study how Julia Fox so seamlessly transitions between looking like a goddess to looking like a literal eldritch terror.”

Julia didn’t appear bothered by her critics and left Paris to fly back to New York to tend to her only son after a health scare.

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