Netflix’s Jailbirds star Megan ‘Monster’ Hawkins arrested on multiple felony charges, back in Sacramento County Jail

Megan 'Monster' Hawkins
Megan ‘Monster’ Hawkins returns to Sacramento County Jail. Pic credit: Netflix

Megan “Monster” Hawkins, one of the female inmates at Sacramento County jail who featured on Netflix’s new documentary series Jailbirds, has been booked into jail again.

She returned to jail on Friday after being arrested in Elk Grove, Sacramento County, Calif., according to The Sacramento Bee.

Netflix’s Jailbirds follows the lives of female inmates at the Sacramento County Jail, resisting authority and fighting amongst themselves as they struggle to make the best of life behind bars.

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Megan was one of the main characters in the documentary series. A scene from the series shows her displaying her tongue that is split in the middle.

She is able to wiggle the halves independently. Her overall weirdness and notoriety among prison inmates earned her the nickname “Monster.”

According to the Elk Grove Police Department in a Facebook post on Monday, Megan Hawkins, 29, was arrested at a bank in Elk Grove, in the 9100 block of Bruceville Road, on Friday, after she allegedly tried to open a checking and savings account with fake identification.

Police said that someone at the bank recognized her from the Netflix show and alerted them.

Jailbirds | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Elk Grove Police Department said Megan had left the bank by the time officers arrived, but they found her a short distance from the bank sitting in a vehicle that had previously been reported stolen.

When officers searched the car they found multiple credit cards with other people’s names. She was also carrying controlled substances, police said.

Hawkins is facing multiple felony charges, including “identity theft, theft or unlawful driving of a vehicle, receipt or purchase of a stolen vehicle, forging or altering checks and probation violation,” according to The Sacramento Bee.

She had previously been placed on probation on May 8 after she pleaded no contest to the theft of a vehicle. She is currently being held on a $10,000 bond at Sacramento County Jail, the same jail featured in Netflix’s Jailbirds.

She is due to appear in court on Tuesday.

Sacramento County court records show that in 2017, she was arrested for multiple misdemeanors and felonies, including theft of vehicle, fraud, and possession of stolen property.

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