Nessa Barrett wows in sheer white blouse and thigh skimming miniskirt

Nessa Barrett takes a selfie in her car
Nessa Barrett looks incredible in shared selfie. Pic credit: @nessabarrett/Instagram

The Die First singer, Nessa Barrett, keeps surprising her followers with her amazing fashion sense and incredible style.

Barrett put on a beautiful and very fashionable all-white outfit and took a mirror selfie to show it off.

She started by going braless underneath a white sheer long-sleeve blouse with a floral pattern all over. The blouse matched her flowy mini skirt perfectly, allowing her to show her long legs.

The TikToker put on a pair of currently trendy shoes — some chunky white calf-length platform boots.

She accessorized this look with some silver earrings, big rings adorned to her fresh manicure, and a silver heart locket dangling from her neck.

Her dark hair was styled in what seemed to be a slick bun with some lower pieces out.

Nessa Barrett poses in an all-white outfit for mirror selfie

She also carried around a big white shoulder bag to complete her outfit for the day.

Barrett shared this picture on her Instagram account, which now has over 7 million followers.

Nessa Barrett's photo
Nessa Barrett shows off her incredible outfit of the day in a mirror selfie. Pic credit: @nessabarrett/Instagram

Currently, she is getting ready to release her studio debut album which she has constantly teased on her social media.

Nessa Barrett is not your typical pop star

At only 20 years old, Nessa Barrett is trying to break the mold of the perfect life everyone thinks a social media star and singer should have.

In her lyrics, she expresses a lot of insecurities, as well as darker emotions in a very metaphorical type of way. She has been honest on her social media about anxiety and her struggles with borderline personality disorder as well.

In an interview with Seventeen Magazine, she said, “I wish that I had a person that was releasing music or openly advocating for mental health, to [help me] realize that there’s a lot of people that go through it. If I saw an artist that was successful and they still dealt with mental health, then I would have known it was okay for me as well.”

Barrett rose to fame on TikTok when she was 17. Three years later, she is still very young and learning the ins and outs of growing up in the public eye and struggling with mental health as well as her body image.

The singer is set to release her debut studio album Young Forever on October 14.

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