Nessa Barrett wows in bikini top to snap a selfie

Nessa Barrett
Nessa Barrett looks incredible with long lashes and plump lips for a shared selfie. Pic credit: @nessabarret/Instagram

TikToker Nessa Barrett has had a very fun and crazy couple of weeks, which she recently showed followers in the form of a mixed post.

The singer first looked angelic while wearing a white off-the-shoulder dress with lace fingerless gloves of the same color.

To accessorize this look she parted her dark hair down the middle and styled it in a half up half down manner with a clipped-on white veil. She also finished off the look with some big silver hoop earrings.

Barrett shared a behind-the-scenes picture with her fans that showed her wearing a set of headphones that had a microphone in front of her. She looked comfortable while wearing a brown oversized hoodie.

She was also seen applying some mascara before a performance with hair clips keeping her hair back while she did her makeup and wore an oversized silver and black t-shirt.

For the big finale of this photo dump, the social media personality snapped a selfie while in her car. She looked incredible with her hair curled and over her shoulder, wearing a black denim bra with silver details and white stitching.

Nessa Barrett shares a behind-the-scenes look at her ‘life lately’

She accessorized her chrome french manicure with a couple of silver rings and a metal heart dangling from her necklace.

Her makeup remained very natural yet her cheeks looks blushed as well as her plump lips.

Barrett captioned this post, “life lately.”

She is mainly known for her presence on TikTok, as well as her large following on the rest of her social media platforms.

However, she is now entering the music industry by releasing her first studio album, Young Forever.

Nessa Barrett shares her 10-minute makeup routine with Allure

The 20-year-old social media personality has always been really involved with makeup and beauty in general.

The singer took an opportunity to show off her 10-minute everyday makeup routine, which included a tutorial on how she puts on fake freckles — a look that has become a signature for her.

She started her routine by taking care of her lips with some chapstick before moving on to prepare her skin for the sun. After that, she started using makeup products and bronzed her face, contoured her nose, and applied blush.

Watch the entire video on Allure’s YouTube channel above.

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