Nessa Barrett stuns in Ferrari jacket after album drop

Nessa Barrett snaps a selfie
Nessa Barrett looks incredible in her dark hair in a messy bun and bangs for a selfie. Pic credit: @nessabarrett/Instagram

TikToker Nessa Barrett can’t stop sharing her incredible and fashionable outfits.

Barrett is mainly known for her large following on her social media platforms, but she is now a singer as well who just released her first studio album.

She recently embodied that rockstar look a lot more. That is what she did when she snapped a mirror selfie to show her followers her outfit for the day.

Barrett was seen wearing a black bra with white stitching for contrast. Then she layered it with a super cool and chic red Ferrari leather jacket.

For the bottom half of the outfit, she was seen wearing some black cargo pants, and underneath she let the also black strings of her underwear show.

She kept her dark hair styled in a half-up-half-down style with some front pieces out to frame her face.

Nessa Barrett snaps a mirror selfie
Nessa Barrett snaps a mirror selfie to show off her outfit of the day. Pic credit:@nessabarrett/Instagram

Nessa Barrett shares her ‘life lately’ in a photo dump

The social media personality is a busy person. From performing her latest songs in front of her fans to creating content for her TikTok and recording more music, she doesn’t seem to stop.

Recently, she gave her 7.2 million Instagram followers a look at what her life looks like on a daily basis.

She first put on a gorgeous strapless white dress that made her look angelic on stage. She accessorized this look with fingerless lace gloves of the same color, as well as big silver hoop earrings and a small veil keeping her hair in place.

Barrett then put on a black denim bra with white stitching and bejeweled words. This time she accessorized her chrome french manicure with a lot of silver rings and hung around her neck a heart necklace.

Nessa Barrett shares her 10-minute makeup routine

The 20-year-old decided to share with her fans how she does her makeup in just ten minutes since she is quite a busy person.

Throughout the years, Barrett has gone through a lot of transformations. She has dyed her hair red and bleached her eyebrows, among many more things.

So, she was contacted by Allure to make a video of her quick makeup routine, as well as to explain to her fans the products that she uses.

Watch Barrett’s entire makeup routine and the products she uses on YouTube.

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