Nessa Barrett goes chic athletic in all-white ensemble

Nessa Barrett snaps a selfie
Nessa Barrett looks beautiful with minimal makeup as she snaps a car selfie. Pic credit:@nessabarrett/Instagram

TikTok star Nessa Barrett is having a busy month after the release of her debut studio album Forever Young.

She recently decided to take a day off, but that doesn’t mean she will stop looking fashionable as she always does.

Barrett snapped a mirror selfie wearing a super comfy outfit. The singer went braless underneath a white tank top with an adorable small bow right at the top center and some letters going across her chest.

She lifted it up to show off her slim physique. Barrett paired this top with white and pink animal print silk shorts that she also rolled down and a pair of white socks.

She kept some of her long dark hair flowing down, with the upper half styled up and her bangs parted to the sides. She also accessorized with some silver hoop earrings.

Barrett posted this mirror selfie on her Instagram Stories, where she also gave her followers a look at her room with a piano and a couple of guitars in the back.

Nessa Barrett snaps a mirror selfie
Nessa Barrett snaps a mirror selfie to show off her comfy outfit and slim physique. Pic credit:@nessabarrett/Instagram

Nessa Barrett wows in denim minidress and heels

Barrett also recently gave fans and followers a look at some of the incredible outfits she wears when she is not taking a day off.

The social media personality totally rocked a strapless dark blue denim minidress that allowed her fans to see the small tattoos across her arm and made her legs look miles long.

She continued this denim moment by wearing a chunky pair of platform heels. However, she decided to add some contrast and more texture. Nessa wore white lace socks, matching them to the bow decorating her half-up half-down hairstyle.

She also put on a blue eyeshadow to make her eyes pop and took a selfie to show off her now bleached eyebrows.

Nessa Barrett shares her on-set makeup routine with Seventeen

A few months ago, when the 20-year-old had bright red hair, she did a photoshoot with Seventeen magazine. Before the shoot, she gave her fans a glimpse of what it’s like to be behind the scenes, especially when she is doing her makeup.

Watch the full video from YouTube below.

Nessa started her makeup routine with her bare face, explaining throughout the video how she got better at doing her makeup and the kind of products that work for her.

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