Neekolul goes cute in white minidress for midweek photo share

Neekolul shows off her flawless makeup and hair.
Neekolul poses for a sweet selfie in her bedroom. Pic credit: @neekolul/Instagram

It takes a while to make an impact in the world of content creation, anime, cosplay, and video games.

But Neekolul has successfully made a name for herself in these areas as one of the most interesting and drop-dead gorgeous influencers to keep up with.

The stunning Twitch streamer has 714,000 followers on Instagram alone –– and she’s also popular on TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and Facebook.

Neekolul recently shared a handful of photos wearing a tiny minidress that showed off her curves in the most amazing way ever.

It’s not surprising at all that thousands of people double-tapped her pictures to give their approval and showcase their excitement for her latest content.

Not long before that, Neekolul also posted about some of the details surrounding the restaurant partnership she signed with Chipotle.

Neekolul looks amazing in a white dress

Neekolul provided her dedicated fans with something to admire when she shared a series of photos wearing a little white dress. The minidress was covered in ruched material over her chest and midsection.

Ruched material is great for hugging each and every curve and showing off the best physiques ever. Since Neekolul has such an incredible figure, a white dress with ruched material suited her well.

The dress was short enough to show off her thighs and legs, and the sleeves were cut off in a way that revealed her arms. The videogamer accessorized with an eccentric-looking necklace made of silver chains with white pendants and a sideways cross.

Above that, she layered a smaller necklace with a tiny star. She wore a pair of simple black ballet slippers on her feet as she posed in a room with stuffed animals and yellow caution tape behind her.

She wore her dark brown hair with subtle waves and bangs covering her forehead. She went all out with the perfect amount of makeup including eyeliner, lashes, highlighter on the tip of her nose, pink blush, and lipstick.

Neekolul promotes her Chipotle partnership

Neekolul showed a couple of photos of herself holding up a box of Chipotle merchandise and a burrito card for her followers to see. She added a few words that revealed just how excited she was to announce her celebrity card with the Mexican food restaurant.

Part of her caption said, “I’ve been eating at chipotle since high school and I remember in my early streaming days ordering chipotle right before it would close to fuel me on my late night streams.”

Since Chipotle is a restaurant she resonates with, her sponsored post and partnership with them likely meant a lot to her. She was all-smiles in a tight black dress with a blue corset-style top over her chest.

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