NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah stuns in a skimpy bikini with her pumpkins

Daniela Ruah
Daniela Ruah’s rocks a bikini while posing with pumpkins. Pic credit: @danielaruah/Instagram

Fall is the perfect time of year to be posing at pumpkin patches, and it seems like Daniela Ruah certainly got the memo based on the photo she recently posted on social media.

The NCIS actress has been gracing television screens as a crime fighter on CBS along with the rest of the cast from the show.

Now, she is gracing social media with her presence in a skimpy bikini in the midst of what many refer to as “sweater weather.”

However, Daniela might not care much about using a sweater to cover up her fit physique, based on the pics she has been sharing online.

Her pumpkin patch shot was sexy enough to pull in thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

In the picture, Daniela was posing in front of some pumpkins wearing a brown floral print two-piece. She was barefoot, but she still accessorized the bikini with a white beanie and an Apple Watch with a black band around her wrist.

Daniela Ruah poses with pumpkins while wearing a sexy bikini

Daniela’s flat, tight abs were easy to see in the picture, as well as her toned arms and legs. If Daniela chose to wear makeup in the picture, it wasn’t exactly easy to see. Her hair, on the other hand, looked absolutely flawless tucked beneath the beanie as it flowed down on both sides of her face.

In her caption, she made light of the fact that she was still able to comfortably wear a bikini in the fall since she lives in the Los Angeles area. Los Angeles, California is known to be one of the best places in the United States to live for someone who is looking for beautiful weather to comfortably wear skimpy pieces of clothing year-round.

Daniela Ruah likes to show off her legs on social media

When it comes to showing off her legs, Daniela knows what she brings to the table. In a separate photo she posted during the summer, her legs were front and center for fans to see.

In the picture, Daniela was wearing a simple casual tee, a pair of shorts, some black and white sneakers, black sunglasses, and her Apple Watch once again.

Her dark hair was parted to the side and styled in freely-laying waves.

It seemed that she kept things super simple with her makeup that day, appearing as fresh-faced as ever without any visible blush or lipstick. She also wasn’t wearing any nail polish to prove that she’s quite the natural beauty.

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