Nathan Schwandt: What to know about Jeffree Star’s ex-boyfriend

Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree Star
Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree Star have split. Pic credit: Jeffree Star/YouTube

On Saturday, Jeffree Star confirmed rumors that he and longtime boyfriend Nathan Schwandt have split.

Many fans of the YouTuber and makeup mogul know Nathan well, as he appeared often in Jeffree’s social media and even in many of his YouTube videos.

As Jeffree Star shared the change in his relationship status with fans in an emotional video, many wanted to know more about his now ex-boyfriend Nathan.

Nathan Schwandt never wanted to be famous

One of the most important things to know about Jeffree Star’s ex is that Nathan Schwandt didn’t ever want to be famous. He and Jeffree met on social media — before his major Jeffree Star Cosmetics success — when the androgynous makeup maker wasn’t nearly as well off as he is today.

And while Nathan did appear in many of Jeffree’s YouTube videos, it was always made clear that he was a bit on the shy side and that he was definitely not trying to get famous for being Jeffree Star’s boyfriend or anything else.

Prior to five-year relationship with Jeffree, Nathan had never been with another man

Jeffree Star calls Nathan Schwandt the love of his life and the only man that he’s ever been in love with. At least the end part can be said for Nathan as well. Especially since Jeffree is the first man that Nathan has ever been in a relationship with.

Prior to Nathan and Jeffree becoming a couple, he had only ever dated women, making this a very unique relationship for both of them.

Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree Star are still friends

Jeffree Star made it clear in the emotional video confirming their split that he and Nathan Schwandt are and always will be close. Even though the two have agreed to go their separate ways, they still see each other and speak often.

In fact, Jeffree said that Nathan had just been over to see their shared dogs and made it clear that he would always be welcome to come spend time with them.

Nathan loves to skateboard

As seen in many Jeffree Star videos, Nathan Schwandt loves to skateboard. He even had a ramp built outside their old home in Calabasas so he could get a few rides in right at home.

And while Nathan has been taking a break from social media in the wake of their breakup, we were able to find this video of Nathan skateboarding below. You’ve got to admit, he’s got some pretty serious skills.

Here’s what Nathan is up to now

In the wake of his split from Jeffree Star, Nathan Schwandt has deleted all of his social media. Right now, he seems to be taking a break from all of the drama online in an effort to heal from the recent breakup.

Jeffree talked at length about how much both of them were hurting, explaining that Nathan has a lot going on in his life that he hadn’t been able to take time to reflect on. Part of that is the loss of two of their dogs over the past several months. The other being his brother, who recently has been dealing with some scary medical issues including a seizure that could have been life-threatening.

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