Natasha Bure shares cute update to give thanks

Natasha Bure poses at the 27th Annual Movieguide Awards Gala
Natasha Bure stunned in a white sundress to express gratitude to her supporters. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Natasha Bure looked stunning in the cute outfit she chose to send an important message to her followers.

The 24-year-old actress knelt on some vibrant green grass for the photo. She posed with her hands resting on her knees with her feet tucked underneath herself as she looked up at the camera.

Bure donned a gorgeous off-shoulder white sundress for the update. She paired her dress with a white wristwatch, several bracelets, and a gold necklace.

Her shoulder-length hair was loose and tucked neatly behind one ear. Meanwhile, her flawless skin was glowing as she smiled widely.

The sundress and smile were paired with a caption in which she expressed gratitude to her supporters.

She stated that she was grateful for everyone who had streamed her new song and for all the kind words and support she received. Bure ended her caption by hoping that her followers have “the best day.”

Natasha Bure donned a sundress for Her, Instead promotion

Her sundress and her gratitude towards her fans was the latest update in the promotion of her new song, Her, Instead. The song debuted about a week ago and Bure popped in to comment on the support she received and to remind those who might not have heard of the song to give it a listen.

Bure’s signing career kicked off in 2021 when she landed a spot on The Voice. She got eliminated during the Battle Rounds, but the fact that she passed her audition indicated she had potential.

She made her music career official when she released her first original single, Life in Hawaii, over a month ago.

While Her, Instead marked her second single, it is a very special one. Bure revealed to her followers that it’s the song she’s most proud of so far.

In addition to furthering her music career, Bure has also found success as an actress. She has predominantly appeared in TV shows and TV movies such as The Heart of Christmas, Home Sweet Home, and Switched for Christmas.

However, she has also shared the screen before with her famous mother, actress Candace Cameron Bure. The two appeared together when Bure guest starred on Candace’s shows, Make It or Break It and Fuller House. Bure also has a famous father – Valeri Bure – who is a former ice hockey player.

Bure said famous parents didn’t give her an advantage

Bure dropped her new single just a few months after she spoke out about some rumors she has faced. While speaking with People, she explained that there have been some misconceptions about her life.

The biggest misconception is that people assumed her success came solely from her famous parents. She told People, “The misconception is that everything is handed to you, or that you don’t have to work for what you get.”

Bure stated that misconception has followed her throughout her life beginning when was very little. Even if she nabbed a spot in a school play, for example, she heard people saying it was because her mother got the role for her.

However, Bure wanted to deny those rumors once and for all. She stated that her life is the opposite of what some may think, as having famous parents meant they weren’t as involved in her life as most parents would be.

As a result, she had to hustle and make a name for herself all on her own.

She is further proving that she wasn’t born into fame by continuing to pursue music on her own.

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