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Natalya Neidhart and sister go PG14 in lingerie-style bikinis

jenni and natalya neidhart pose for bikini pics poolside
Natalya Neidhart posed for a series of steamy bikini pics with her sister Jenni. Pic credit: @natbynature/Instagram

WWE superstar Natalya Neidhart made it a family affair as she showed off a steamy series of photos featuring colorful lingerie-style bikinis while out by the pool.

With scorching hot temperatures around the United States, Nattie and her sister, Jenni Neidhart, posed in multiple pics revealing their stunning swimwear.

Natalya referred to it as a “#PG14Nattie” shoot in a hashtag, dedicating the photos to her former opponent in the wrestling ring, Ronda Rousey, whom she battled at the WWE Money in the Bank event.

Her PG14 was a reference to recent reports that the WWE was planning its on-air programming to include PG-14 content rather than TV-PG like it has for over a decade.

The latest racy content share from Natalya racked up over 92,000 Likes as of this report, most likely helping to promote her sister Jenni’s OnlyFans page.

Natalya’s sultry images also received much attention from fellow and former WWE stars, including Carmella, Lana, and Raquel Gonzalez.

Natalya and sister Jenni Neidhart share steamy pics with fans

The summer season typically brings much hotter temperatures, giving many people reason to get in their swimsuits and bikinis to enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool or get some tanning in.

Natalya Neidhart showed off her stunning pink bikini, which brought the look of skimpy lingerie and displayed plenty of skin. A crisscrossing design across her breasts and metal hardware was part of the lacy-looking pink top.

Her sister opted for a purple version of the same bikini, with Nattie mentioning in the caption they’d got matching bikinis.

“We wanted to dedicate these photos to Mrs Ronda Rouseyyyyy! #PG14Nattie #HEAT,” Natalya’s caption said, adding a flame emoji at the end.

In the first photo, Natalya is bent forward with her hair falling over her shoulder. One of Nattie’s hands is resting on the inside of her thigh and the other just below her knee, while her sister is either kneeling or sitting in the pool water.

The two sisters are all smiles in that first photo, and Jenni keeps smiling for the second, with Natalya giving a more seductive stare as she puckered up a bit. Sisterly love is fully displayed as the two are much closer to one another, with Nattie keeping her arm around Jenni.

A final photo in Nattie’s IG post has her indoors as she shows off a full body shot with the skimpy pink bikini. She keeps her phone in one hand for the selfie and smiles as her other hand is behind her head to help create the picturesque pose.

PG14 Nattie suffered back-to-back losses in WWE

Natalya challenged Ronda Rousey for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank 2022 earlier this month in Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite throwing everything she had at the champ, it wasn’t enough as Ronda was able to turn the tables, putting Natalya into a submission hold to make her tap out.

Soon after Nattie had left the scene, the recent MITB briefcase winner, Liv Morgan, rushed to the ring and cashed in her opportunity for a championship match. Liv took on an already-hobbled Ronda Rousey, who tried her best to make Liv submit. Ultimately, Liv survived the submission hold and grabbed a pinfall on Ronda, becoming a first-time WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion.

That had Natalya lining up to challenge Liv on last Friday’s SmackDown, as she felt deserving of a shot at the champ. In a contender’s match, Natalya could not gain a needed victory over Liv, who picked up a pinfall victory after surviving Nattie’s attempted submission hold.

Natalya remains a member of the SmackDown roster, where she is featured in matches every so often on Friday night’s TV show and participates as part of the brand in pay-per-view events. Her trademark pink and black ring gear keeps her mostly covered, but it’s clear she wanted to show off her PG-14 side on Instagram.

As mentioned, a GameRant report referenced a since-deleted tweet that suggested that WWE was moving from TV-PG back to TV-14 content for their Monday Night Raw program on USA. The tweet said this would take place as of Monday, July 18. The tweet author, Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast, later clarified it was from an internal memo, and nothing was finalized.

However, the tweet was deleted, and there’s still no official confirmation that this is true yet. There’s also no current speculation or indication that SmackDown, which airs Fridays on FOX, would undergo a similar change.

Current and former WWE stars react to Nattie’s pics

Despite a few recent losses, Natalya Neidhart remains a well-respected and popular pro wrestler amongst fans and colleagues. Her latest photo series also had fans and some of her co-workers reacting to the heat she generated with her sister Jenni.

“NATTIE!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,” wrote Nattie’s fellow WWE superstar Carmella.

wwe star carmella comments nattie neidhart pics
Pic credit: @natbynature/Instagram

Nattie’s colleague Raquel Gonzalez, who was featured in the MITB match, seemed speechless as she simply reacted with heart-eyed emojis.

raquel gonzalez comments nattie nedhart bikini pics
Pic credit: @natbynature/Instagram

WWE Hall of Famer Brie Bella also commented with emojis, using flames to show her appreciation for the sizzling photo series.

brie bella comments about nattie neidhart pics
Pic credit: @natbynature/Instagram

Much like Brie and her twin sister Nikki Bella, it’s clear Natalya Neidhart, and her sister Jenni have a close bond. Also, much like the Bellas, Natalya will one day be a lock to enter WWE’s Hall of Fame, based on the trail she’s blazed in the women’s wrestling division.

The 40-year-old Canadian pro wrestler, real name Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson, has remained loyal to WWE for over a decade now, while others have been released or left for other companies.

During Natalya’s time with the company, she’s held the now-defunct WWE Divas Championship, the SmackDown Women’s Championship, and was one-half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions with Tamina.

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