Natalie Roser stuns in bright bikini during ‘heat wave’

Natalie Roser posing for a selfie
Natalie Roser rocked a colorful bikini in a recent social media share. Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

Australian model Natalie Roser sported another gorgeous bikini for a fun day at the beach.

The stunning blonde regularly shares beach day and bikini pics with her fans and followers online.

Given her fit physique and modeling career, it should come as no surprise that Natalie is comfortable in her own skin and enjoys getting active next to the ocean.

Despite her joy in spending hours with loved ones on the sandy beaches, Natalie also manages to capture other moments and fashion moments of her life for the camera.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Natalie recently shared a carousel post where she rocked a sky-blue floral summer dress. In the shots, Natalie kept her makeup natural and gave the personal photo shoot a soft feminine vibe.

In contrast, Natalie’s latest beach share had her going even more natural with a completely makeup-free look.

She may have opted to leave the makeup and glam hairstyling back at home, but Natalie’s beauty radiated regardless as she showed off her impressive modeling chops.

Natalie Roser poses in a colorful bikini for a ‘heat wave’ photo shoot

Over on her Instagram, Natalie shared another carousel upload with her followers.

The first of the post’s pictures was enough to take anyone’s breath away. The snap was simple, as Natalie stood facing the camera straight on with an arm held up to her forehead in an attempt to shield her eyes from the sun.

In her other hand, Natalie held a beach towel that billowed in the wind around the bottom portion of her legs.

And while Natalie’s smile was eye-catching, her colorful bikini and rock-hard abs took center stage.

Natalie’s abs were perfectly defined and further accentuated by her heavily bronzed skin.

The 32-year-old’s beachy blonde hair was flipped over to one side for a low-maintenance look.

The series continued with even more snaps of Natalie’s day at the beach, and they shared her bubbly nature and serious modeling abilities.

In the second share of the post, Natalie ran away from the camera while shooting a smile over her shoulder and allowing the striped beach towel to trail behind her.

Another picture captured Natalie in a more stoic form as she once again stood with her body facing the camera straight on. For this shot, Natalie turned her face away from the camera’s lens and gave a longing glance off into the distance.

The gorgeous blonde kept her caption simple, writing, “HEAT WAVE ☀️”

Natalie rocks Alo’s newest pant line in a new promo

Natalie works incredibly hard to keep herself in shape for her various modeling gigs, and part of her routine is regular sweat sessions in the gym.

Given her active lifestyle and a solid following of 1.4 million on Instagram, it’s only fitting that brands such as Alo partner with Natalie on a regular basis.

In her most recent sponsored post for the brand, Natalie shared their newest pant line. The latest bottoms from the brand give a completely different vibe than the usual skintight legging look.

The International Wide Leg City Pant offers precisely that — a wide leg and comfortable wear.

Retailing for $210, Natalie modeled the pants in the color Infinity Blue.

Natalie paired the pants with a form-fitting white crop top and opted to go barefoot for the video share.

Never one to miss an additional promo opportunity, Natalie also used the latest post to plug her own brand, Rose and Bare, which offers bras and underwear in various shades of nude.

Naturally, Natalie was stunning in the promo as she wore her hair straightened and parted down the center.

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