Natalie Roser stuns in blue bikini for beach day fun

Natalie Roser.
Australian model Natalie Roser stunned for a recent beach day social media share. Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

Model Natalie Roser was soaking up some fun in the sun as she recently celebrated her pal’s birthday.

The blonde beauty took to her social media with a special share for her close friend, Aisha Jade.

Natalie was clearly in her element for the most recent social media share as she donned her signature bikini look.

Though Natalie shared just a single shot from the celebrations, it’s clear fun and sunlight weren’t lacking for the friends.

Instead, the pair posed next to one another in near-matching bikinis while they both also held drinks served in coconuts with a straw.

Along with the sweet share, Natalie captioned the post by simply writing, “Happy birthday darling girl,” and tagging her friend.

Australian model Natalie Roser shares sweet birthday message while enjoying beach day fun

Over on her Instagram Stories, Natalie shared the gorgeous snap.

Both Natalie and her pal, Aisha, posed side-by-side in front of a tropical beachside hut while holding their on-theme drinks.

For her look, Natalie was drop-dead gorgeous in a mix-and-match bikini moment.

Screenshot from Natalie Roser's IG Stories.
Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

Her bikini top was simple in a solid navy blue hue. The plunging neckline had the piece looking like a supportive sports bra.

As for the bottoms, Natalie also opted to keep those simple, in a solid light grey color.

Natalie held her drink in one hand while bringing her free hand up to brush her luscious blonde locks away from her face.

Natalie also went minimal with her makeup. She brushed a light shimmery shade across her eyelids and added a light sweep of mascara to round out the look.

Her skin was flawless as usual, and her bronzed skin perfectly complemented the solid pieces of her bikini.

Natalie finished off the look with gold, dangling earrings, and two dainty gold necklaces.

While Aisha shot a stoic glance towards the camera, Natalie chose to smile and show off her perfectly straight pearly whites.

Natalie shares Rose and Bare promo just in time for Valentine’s Day

In addition to being a stunning model, Natalie is also an entrepreneur who started the lingerie brand Rose and Bare.

Over on the brand’s official Instagram account bio, it boasts that the company specializes in nude-colored undergarments.

According to Natalie, the brand is “Rose and Bare is a passion project,” which she set out to start once she realized there was a massive gap in the fashion market for nude garments that came in an array of shades to help match most skin tones.

Natalie also promotes Rose and Bare on her socials.

In another post to her Instagram Stories, Natalie shared a promo code with her followers linking to the company’s IG page with a 15% discount offer.

Screenshot of promo code for Natalie Roser's brand, Rose and Bare.
Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

And this isn’t the first time Natalie has promoted her brand on Instagram. In one particularly gorgeous post, the 32-year-old shared a sultry look in a set that perfectly matched her dark-tanned skin.

She kept the post’s caption simple, noting she was simply sporting her own brand.

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