Natalie Roser stuns in black for Hismile promotion

Natalie Roser close up.
Natalie Roser styles in a gorgeous black minidress and red lipstick for special Valentine’s Day promotion. Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

The fan-favorite model Natalie Roser is an absolute icon when it comes to her masterfully crafted wardrobe essentials, along with her easy-going personality.

In her latest share with Hismile, the swimsuit model demonstrated just that.

Natalie teamed up with Hismile to create the most perfect and rather catchy Valentine’s Day-themed promotion.

In the video clip Natalie provided, the Aussie stood along a bright red backdrop while she styled in a stunning black minidress.

All eyes were certainly fixated on the blonde beauty as she stole the show with just her smile alone.

To promote the product, Natalie uploaded the fun collaboration onto her Instagram feed, sharing it with her 1.4 million followers.

Natalie Roser is beautiful in black for a special Valentine’s Day-themed promotion

In this eye-catching post, the beautiful model happily stood against the red backdrop as she posed away in her black, cut-out minidress.

The dress was an absolute show-stopper as it featured an intricate cut-out design along her chest and beautiful, sheer black sleeves. A sheer piece of fabric was tied into a knot at the bottom of Natalie’s dress.

Natalie coordinated the black staple piece with a pair of white, pointed heels with a diamond bow lying across the top.

To accessorize, the blonde beauty kept it simple with a couple of silver earrings and a big diamond ring.

As the video continued, Natalie added a beautiful, bright shade of red across her lips while she unwrapped the Hismile product.

In the vibrant-colored package, the model happily pulled out a large red tube with some red Hismile toothpaste inside.

In the last couple of seconds of the clip, Natalie was seen applying the product to her pink toothbrush while she smiled and laughed away.

Overall, Natalie looked effortlessly fierce in her iconic black dress and fiery red lipstick.

She captioned the post, “I HEARD RED VELVET WAS ON THE MENU! I had to try it for myself!! @hismile has done it again. Changing the toothpaste game! Easily my new fave flavor ???❤️ in partnership with #hismile.”

Natalie Roser recently teamed up with Hismile

In another Instagram post, the model shared the secret behind her gorgeous, bright white smile.

The beloved swimsuit model teamed up with the teeth whitening company Hismile once again as the two promoted the helpful product.

Natalie informed her fans that she’s a true believer in Hismile’s whitening strips, as she’s received nothing but amazing results.

The blonde beauty was kind enough to share a short video clip of her unwrapping the pink box while she sported matching rollers in her hair.

After she got done unboxing the product, Natalie gave a short but helpful step-by-step demonstration of the fun process.

The Aussie simply placed the Hismile’s strips along the top and bottom of her teeth as she waited for the designated time before peeling them off.

By the end of the video, Natalie’s hair was out of the rollers and styled in thick curls. She wore some bright red lipstick that she paired with a white minidress.

The model’s teeth were glistening, and she got handed a big glass of red wine by the very end of the video.

She captioned the post, “Making sure my teeth have a white Christmas with @hismile Teeth Whitening Strips ❤️??ad #smilecare.”

Natalie Roser is also an editor for Series Magazine

When Natalie isn’t busy with her modeling gigs and running her own business, the 32-year-old bombshell is also busy indulging in some editing for Series Magazine.

Series Magazine is a digital art magazine that features collaborations with the best photographers with the industry’s most alluring models.

For this particular shot that Natalie uploaded, the model stared directly at the camera while she was captured from the torso up.

The Australian beauty was featured on the cover of Issue 33 as she sported nothing but a white blouse that was draped over her shoulder.

Natalie looked like an absolute superstar while her complexion beautifully glowed and glistened in the shots.

While she modeled for the cover, the swimsuit model held a tasty martini in her hand while her blonde, voluminous hair cascaded down one side of her body.

For her makeup, Natalie went with some touches of mascara along with a fun, shimmery eyeshadow. She completed the look with a splash of bronzer and a bright red, glossy lip.

Per usual, Natalie looked electrifying as she stole the hearts of her loyal fans once more.

The caption simply read, THIRTY-THREE ? @SERIESMAG.”

Fans can now head to Series Magazine’s website to learn more about their mission and to learn how to become a Series member.

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