Natalie Roser shares workout routine in white crop top and bike shorts

Natalie Roser
Natalie Roser spent some time in the gym and shared her routine with followers. Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

In a recent social media share, Natalie Roser took it back to basics by sharing her go-to workout routine with her fans and followers.

The Australian beauty often uploads shots from her various modeling jobs, and her incredible physique allows any ensemble she wears to shine.

As it turns out, Natalie works very hard on her fitness to stay in the best shape possible.

In a recent post to social media, Natalie broke down some of her favorite exercises when she heads to the gym.

The sponsored post included an outfit provided by Alo Yoga, a brand for which Natalie endorses and is a brand ambassador.

While Natalie enjoys sharing bits of her life online, she’s also sure to share the effort she puts in away from the camera’s lens.

Natalie Roser shares go-to exercises in bike shorts and crop top combo

On her Instagram, the 32-year-old uploaded a video montage of her current exercise routine.

She began the sweat session by jumping rope. Natalie likely used the moves to help get her heart pumping in preparation for the sets ahead.

From there, Natalie moved on to various floor exercises before blasting through some intense leg moves.

Among the impressive sets, Natalie was sure to include lunges and squats into the routine.

With all the hard work she was putting into the workout, followers may think the stunning blonde would be exhausted.

And while she was clearly focused on ensuring her form was correct, that didn’t stop Natalie from flashing her gorgeous smile at one point.

Natalie partners with Alo Yoga and Delta X Coach for latest workout share

To finish off the video compilation (and her workout), Natalie included a cool-down session of deep stretching to bring her workout to an end.

The final clip from the post showed Natalie with her feet up against the wall while she regulated her breathing on the mat.

“Come train with me 💪🏼 I use to share so much more of my workouts, which is possibly how my instagram really grew in the early days. Let me know if you’d like me to share more like this with breakdowns of what I do in the gym,” Natalie’s caption read, in part.

She concluded her upload by tagging the brands that made her workout happen, writing, “Session today was from @deltaxcoach with a cool down stretch on @alomoves ✨ Wearing @aloyoga #aloambassador.”

This isn’t Natalie’s first time partnering with Alo Yoga, In fact, she previously shared another sponsored post with the athleticwear brand and donned a sleek light pink matching bra and short set.

For that particular share, Natalie was seen in one of her favorite settings – right on the beach.

“Sunset runs/swims 🌺 @alo #aloambassador,” she captioned the fun carousel post.

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