Natalie Roser is ‘feminine’ for Women’s Day share

Natalie Roser selfie
Natalie Roser celebrates International Women’s Day in her recent Series Magazine share. Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

Natalie Roser certainly knows how to captivate her audience effortlessly, and the model succeeded in her most recent share.

The Australian model took to her social media, where she was photographed with her back toward the camera while she remained completely unclothed.

This particular photograph spoke volumes with just the image of her silhouette alone. However, Natalie took it a step further by sharing her admiration for women worldwide.

In honor of International Women’s Day, the blonde beauty captioned the post by simply writing “feminine.” This was a short but sweet gesture of gratitude toward her female companions.

In addition to the shoutout, Natalie modeled for the beloved magazine company Series.

Series Magazine is a digital art magazine that collaborates with the best photographers and the industry’s most alluring models. More so, Natalie is even one of the head editors for the company.

Natalie Roser shares a breathtaking photograph in honor of International Women’s Day

As she posed for the shot, Natalie Roser was captured sitting on a couch while she crossed her legs and faced her back toward the camera.

The model’s perfectly tanned complexion radiated such beautiful energy in the hot while she remained unclothed and more gorgeous than ever.

Natalie’s wavy blonde locks fell naturally along her back while she slightly turned her head over her shoulders.

The Australian beauty donned a naturally gorgeous, makeup-free face while celebrating this special moment.

The post was simply captioned, “F E M I N I N E 🖤 @seriesmag.”

Natalie Roser shares another gorgeous shot from Series Magazine

When Natalie isn’t busy indulging in her many other endeavors, she enjoys her role as lead editor for Series Magazine.

In another Instagram post, the blonde beauty not only shared her editorial skills but was also spotted on the cover of another Series Magazine Issue.

Natalie was photographed posing outside along her bamboo furniture as she was captured from the waist up.

The model remained shirtless for this issue as she used her to cover her chest fully and even sported a green towel around her waist.

Natalie’s gorgeous locks were styled in their usual light waves as they further cascaded down along her body while she rocked a more natural-looking face.

The Series perfectly represented Natalie’s exceptional skillset as a model.

Fans also came out to their appreciation for the share as the post received 10,100 likes and over 200 expressive fans in the comment section.

Natalie Roser shares her beauty routine while promoting Skin Series

Not only is Natalie a genuine advocate for supporting women, but she also advocates for healthy and happy skin and believes in a daily skincare regimen.

In another Instagram share, the model proved just that as she partnered with the beauty company Skin Series.

Skin Series is a cosmeceutical skincare line that is solely focused on restoring overall skin health. The company uses high-quality ingredients that deliver the best results to its customers.

Natalie was kind enough to showcase the results of a stunning selfie in which her skin was effortlessly glowing in the shot.

The blonde beauty let her followers view the Skin Series product as she held the white bottle in her hand, positioning it close to her face.

Natalie further donned an electric blue maxi dress. The blue dress featured a scoop neck with a ribbed texture that perfectly sculpted her curves.

Her hair was parted down the middle while she let her blonde waves naturally flow down the front of her blue fit.

Regardless of the shot, Natalie looked like a goddess with naturally glowing skin, all thanks to Skin Series.

The caption read, ” A skin hydration series for @skinseries__ 💧 #skinseries ad.”

Fans can now purchase Skin Series’ products online through their website, where they’ll find a wide selection of high-end products that will suit any skin type.

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Craig L Compton
Craig L Compton
15 days ago

I really like the nipples extraction in the first picture with the blue outfit! WOW!