Natalie Roser is enjoying a Lombok morning in bed

Natalie Roser flashes her perfect smiles for a picture.
Natalie Roser smiles for the camera in a sundress. Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

Natalie Roser spends a lot of time in her life wearing bikinis because she has the perfect physique to live such a lifestyle.

There are currently 1.4 million Instagram users keeping up with her content right now. It might be because she posts a lot of exquisite videos and pictures.

One of the most recent pictures she posted shows a little extra skin and leaves very little to the imagination as she represents the brand she founded.

When Natalie wears stunning bikinis and lingerie, she exudes total confidence from head to toe.

There is no denying the fact that her modeling career will continue to move in the right direction if she continues striking some of the best poses ever — in the best trends.

The lovely model also shared a series of photos admiring some ocean waves while wearing the perfect outfit for a beach day with great weather in Australia.

Natalie Roser looks fabulous in Rose and Bare

Natalie posed for a sultry picture while wearing a bikini designed by Rose and Bare. She founded the lingerie brand for women who are interested in purchasing products locally or internationally.

Natalie sat up on a bed with white sheets and pillows wearing a matching black top with black bottoms. The top crossed together in front at the center of her chest to provide a little extra lift.

It had typical thin spaghetti straps laying over her shoulders as well. Her stunning abs took center stage in the revealing two-piece number.

Her thighs, knees, and calves were visible too. As she leaned up on the bed with one arm, Natalie clutched a cocktail with her other hand. She also had a breakfast fruit platter laid out in front of her at the edge of the bed giving total vacation vibes.

Natalie Roser is a beauty by the beach

In a separate post, Natalie posed for some photos while admiring the crashing ocean waves of Australia in a gorgeous bikini top. The bikini top was designed with triangle shapes tied together with thin strings.

It was white with a few splatters of color including red and blue on both sides. The beachy skirt she wore had a pattern of teal and white rectangular boxes all over it.

It was a mini pencil-style skirt, which means it was the type of skirt that would look good on the beach or at a nightclub. Natalie kept things simple with her accessories, adding a pair of sunglasses and two layered necklaces over her chest. She also wore a pair of dark flip-flops on her feet.

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