Natalie Roser hops on a plane in style

natalie roser face
Natalie Roser travels in style. Pic credit: @natalieroser/Instagram

Australian model Natalie Roser lives a luxurious life, so when she travels by plane, she does it in style.

And when you are a supermodel, traveling in style means outfit-wise and transportation-wise.

The blonde beauty recently took a private plane sponsored by Patron on her way to the Formula 1 race. 

Natalie sported a red crop top and a matching skirt, sharing pictures of her adventure on her Instagram account. 

The model has gained quite a following on social media due to her beauty and fun-loving personality.

Her fashion choices have also become a hit, and it’s easy to see why.

The influencer’s latest post was a fashion win, with the blonde bombshell sharing her fit with her 1.4 million Instagram followers.

Natalie Roser slays en route to Formula 1 and travels with elegance

Natalie shared a three-part Instagram carousel, starting strong from an airplane hangar.

In the first picture, Natalie departed from her Rolls-Royce, wearing black sunglasses to shield her from the flashing lights. As she stepped out of the luxury vehicle, Natalie bent one leg, showing semi-opaque tights.

She looked sophisticated in red with a two-piece ensemble featuring a crop top and a miniskirt. The miniskirt had a small slit on one side, adding an edgy vibe. Natalie upped the elegance factor with a chic red blazer over the outfit. 

In the second image, Natalie showed one of her model poses, placing her hands on either side of her waist. She wore silver jewelry, which looked beautiful against her tan skin and red outfit. As for Natalie’s hair, it was voluminous and filled with life per usual. 

The final picture showed the Patron Falcon inside the hangar and a carpet leading to the transportation method. 

Although she wore sunglasses, fans could see her beautifully made-up face in all the shots. 

In her caption, Natalie revealed that she was ready for the race.

It was evident in the images that Natalie maintained a toned figure.

Natalie Roser’s workout secrets

Natalie has been open about her fitness journey and how she exercises to manage her weight.

The Australian beauty has made working out part of her lifestyle.

She spoke with Grazia and shared specifics about her daily routine.

Natalie explained, “Cardio is really good for me. Most mornings, I will get up, put on my 2XU tights, and go for a three-kilometer run either outside or on the treadmill.”

The model doesn’t eat before running, another tip that she said worked for her body.

Natalie added, “Everybody is completely different, though. I grew up running, so I feel like my body is built for that, but it’s not for everyone.”

Natalie has found what worked for her and adopted a healthy lifestyle.

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