Natalie Roser goes all natural for beautiful beach selfie

Natalie Roser close-up
Natalie Roser looks incredible as she enjoys a sunny celebration along the beach in just her towel. Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

The multi-talented star Natalie Roser enjoyed her time along the Gold Coast in Queensland as she woke up to a gorgeous sunrise along the beach.

The beloved Australian model certainly proved her effortless skill as a model, along with her exceptional beauty, as she posed for a beach selfie and a series of other fun, candid shots.

Per usual, Natalie looked to be thoroughly enjoying her time along the white sand as she sported a smile in every photograph.

For the selfie, the 32-year-old took to her Instagram Story, which would only be available for 24 hours.

The sunrise was present in the background as it beamed down into the camera lens while Natalie naturally glowed with her makeup-free face.

She looked like an absolute goddess while tagging Series Mag in the bottom left-hand corner of the Story.

Natalie Roser shares some incredible beach shots

In the selfie, Natalie was captured from the chest up as she sported a slight smile across her face.

The blonde beauty remained shirtless for this shot as she instead wore a cream-colored crochet hat.

In the background, the rippling blue ocean was present as the sun beamed along her long, blonde locks.

Natalie Roser beach selfie
Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

However, the epic beach shots didn’t stop there.

The Australian sweetheart also uploaded a carousel of shots to her Instagram feed.

In the shots, the model remained unclothed as she covered up in a simple beach towel and wore her lovely, crocheted hat.

Natalie was photographed laughing and smiling away in candid shots as she held the towel up to her slender body.

Per usual, the model looked phenomenal as she enjoyed the simplicity along the sunny Gold Coast.

Fans immediately fell in love with this sun-kissed collage as the photos received just over 18,300 likes.

She captioned the post, “My day consisted of waking up to an almost full moon, then a sunrise, sunset, and finally the rise of a full moon ?? Doesn’t get better than that.”

Natalie Roser promotes Rose and Bare for Valentine’s Day

Natalie is the founder and designer of Rose and Bare, which is a luxurious lingerie brand.

The company is designed to make every woman feel more comfortable and supported while wearing the products.

The brand also offers a wide selection of nude-colored styles and patterns that all come at an affordable price. 

For this particular post, Natalie was captured wearing a matching, sheer black set. The new set included a sheer and lacy bralette that featured a gold clasp in the middle.

The low-rise bottoms featured the same sheer and lacy design and further incorporated a gold O-ring accent on each of the straps that rested along her hips.

The Aussie folded her arms over her head while she also sported a white, oversized button-up that was left completely open.

Natalie undeniably stole the show in this Rose and Bare fit as she glistened in glowed amongst her rustic surroundings.

She simply captioned the post, “@roseandbare x #ValentinesDay ??.”

Natalie Roser teams up with Trinny London to share the secrets behind her glowing skin

The blonde beauty shared another mesmerizing video as she teamed up with one of her favorite makeup companies, Trinny London.

Trinny London is a high-end skincare company that provides its clients with only the finest and cleanest ingredients within each of its products.

In the first couple of seconds of the video, Natalie went with a completely bare, makeup-free face to demonstrate her fun Trinny London makeup routine.

The model used Trinny London’s products as she applied their foundation, blush, bronzer, and some shimmery, nude eyeshadows.

During the clip, Natalie even took some breaks to sip her coffee as she continued to get ready.

As the Australian model gave her fans a stellar makeup tutorial, she wore a lovely lavender bustier top that complemented her complexion perfectly.

She captioned the post, “My effortless, daily 8-minute makeup routine (I timed it) featuring my beauty faves from @trinnylondon ✨ ad #trinnylondon.”

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