Natalie Roser enjoys boat ride in floral swimwear

Natalie Roser
Natalie Roser models on a boat in a beautiful two-piece swimsuit. Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

Australian model Natalie Roser regularly dazzles her followers online when she shares shots from her various modeling gigs.

Natalie often travels to exotic locations to shoot stunning editorials and brand promotions.

In addition to her natural beauty, the blonde bombshell also has impressive modeling skills that make her an asset to the brands and companies she works with.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Natalie recently partnered with Cleoni Swim for a watermelon-themed photo shoot that found her sharing a smile while sitting on a set of stairs.

Then, again just in time for Easter, Natalie posed for a series of shots for the fashion publication Series Mag.

There seems to be no shortage in her modeling gigs, and she’s certainly showing no signs of slowing down. So her most recent social media share from a boat is another great addition to her resume.

Natalie Roser stuns in a floral two-piece as she poses on a boat

Over on her Instagram, Natalie shared three separate shots from pictures snapped while she was sailing the seas.

In the first shot, the 32-year-old’s face wasn’t visible as she threw her head back while sitting on the wooden edge of the boat.

With open waters spreading out behind her, Natalie seemed at peace as she held onto a rope above her head for the snap.

It would only be fitting that while being on a boat, Natalie would sport a stunning piece of swimwear — which she did brilliantly.

For the upload, Natalie donned a floral bikini. The matching triangle top and high-waisted bottoms included lavish shades of red, orange, green, and blue.

The second portion of the share captured Natalie from a slightly altered angle. While she was still sitting on the boat’s edge, she brought her hands down to rest them at her sides while she shared a longing gaze off-camera.

And finally, the third share mimicked the first as Natalie threw her head back once again to take in the fading sun.

Natalie opted to keep the caption short and sweet by using only an anchor emoji.

Natalie promotes her lingerie brand Rose and Bare in a dazzling mirror selfie

While Natalie’s modeling career seems to be on the upswing, it seems that her status as a social media content creator is also on the rise.

Currently, Natalie’s following sits at 1.4 million, an impressive feat for anyone looking to make a name for themselves in the influencer realm.

And while modeling for various brands is great, Natalie also uses her skills to promote her own lingerie brand, Rose and Bare.

Earlier this week, Natalie stood front and center for a gorgeous mirror selfie to show off a matching bra and underwear set from her Rose and Bare brand.

According to Natalie’s message on the brand’s About Us page, the brand was inspired by multiculturalism and the need for undergarments in various shades to help match the wide variety of skin tones that exist in the world.

“Just as every woman deserves underwear that fits her body shape perfectly, she deserves underwear that’s made with her specific skin tone in mind,” the message reads, in part.

With such a great mission, it’s easy to understand why Natalie continues to push forward and promote her brand.

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