Natalie Roser emerges from digital detox with beach fun

Natalie Roser up close.
Natalie Roser returns from a digital detox. Pic credit: @natalie_roser/Instagram

Natalie Roser is back and better than ever, with a new state of mind and the same beauty.

Natalie disappeared for a while for those out of the loop, which may have left some fans concerned.

But any concerns were unfounded because Natalie was taking some well-needed personal time.

Natalie returned triumphantly after going unceremoniously silent for nearly two weeks.

And as fans would soon learn, her absence was worth the wait.

The Australian model shared a seven-part post featuring her loved ones on the beach, including her precious puppy.

Natalie Roser makes a triumphant return to social media

The first image saw Natalie Roser and two girlfriends standing in a circle on a white sand beach. Each woman had a colorful straw hat and a bikini top with different bottoms and bare feet.

The second shot revealed two of the three women from the previous share as both ladies walked away from the camera and toward the ocean.

In front of the ladies, the sky looked like a Monet painting, with beautiful shades of blue, white, and a hint of peach and yellow.

Next, Natalie shared a tender moment with her lover, with the two embracing during their digital detox.

The fourth image featured Natalie and her four-legged friend, who seemed to be pampered, having just descended from the salty waters. Natalie held the lovely pooch with her hands, offering her four-legged friend a hug.

Another picture showed five people holding hands, enjoying each other’s company, and having a fabulous time.

Finally, a trio of ladies lounged on towels, each with a book in hand, making a solid case for a digital detox for everyone.

In a caption accompanying the share, Natalie detailed her time away from social media.

Natalie wrote, “A few moments from my 10 days offline ? Such a magical way to recharge with some of my favourite people in one of my favourite places ?.”

Natalie Roser promotes CASETiFY

You might find Natalie working as an influencer when she isn’t doing a digital detox.

A recent influencing post saw the gorgeous blonde promoting phone cases.

Of course, Natalie didn’t need a phone case during her time away from technology, but when she returned, she had just the solution for her phone case needs.

Her caption read, “Oh, Barbie ?? Say hello to my new phone cover obsession #BarbiexCASETiFY ? Barbie lovers unite ? #CASETiFY @casetify @casetify_colab @casetify_au ad.”

Natalie resembles a real-life Barbie, so it only made sense for the Australian blonde bombshell to promote Barbie-themed cell phone cases as a chance to make extra cash.

CASETiFY has AirTag Holders, Apple Watch Cases, iPad Cases, and everything technology-related.

One notable feature is that CASETiFY offers products with 100% Compostable Materials, highlighting the brand’s eco-friendly nature.
Interested parties should check out the CASETiFY website to learn more about the customizable products that the company has.

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