Nastia Liukin stuns in SKIMS bodysuit while sharing ‘color blocking’

Nastia Liukin close up
Nastia Liukin is stunning in her starburst-colored ensemble. Pic credit: ©

Beloved gymnast Nastia Liukin looked flawless while she styled in an array of brightly-colored clothing in her latest share.

Since she departed from the Olympics, the Russian gymnast has been succeeding in many other endeavors, one of which happens to be her exceptional taste in fashion.

In her latest share, Nastia uploaded a short clip of herself while she got ready, styling in all-pink and orange clothing.

The Russian beauty demonstrated her fashion skills while she perfectly paired a variety of shades together which she called, “color blocking.”

Nastia shared the video clip with her 1.1 million followers via Instagram.

While she got ready she also showcased her lovely white decor and lofty space, which was evident in the background.

Nastia Liukin is glowing in her bright pink and orange ensemble

In the fun video, Nastia started by styling in a magenta-colored SKIMS bodysuit that she tagged in the caption.

Nastia then went on to add a pair of hot pink, patent leather pants that flared out at the bottom. The high-waisted pants fit the gymnast perfectly, accentuating her long, slender legs.

Next, the athlete threw on a bright orange blazer that was purchased from Veronica Beard.

To add to the electrifying fit, Nastia went with a pair of orange, pointed-heel pumps by Zara. The heels were the perfect additive to the fit as they gave the overall look an extra burst of color.

The last wardrobe essential that was added was NA-KD’s pink, full-length coat. The oversized coat looked fabulous on Nastia while she completed her stellar look of the day.

She further accessorized with a small, fuzzy orange handbag and an array of studs that traveled up Nastia’s ears.

The Olympian threw her blonde hair into a tight bun that rested on top of her head for the video.

Nastia rocked a full face of makeup that made her complexion glow and glisten in the light above her.

The gymnast even added a unique mashup of Britney Spears’ song Gimme More, which played over the video as she got ready.

She captioned the post, “pro tip: don’t be afraid of a little color-blocking situation 💕🧡.”

Nastia Liukin teams up with Kimpton Marlowe Hotel

Nastia recently announced on her Instagram feed that she would be teaming up with Kimpton Marlowe Hotel to host a special giveaway.

The Olympian teamed up with the hotel company due to her strong admiration for the greater Boston area.

Kimpton Marlowe Hotel is a 4-star hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is known for its impeccable atmosphere and exceptional hospitality.

Nastia further announced that one lucky winner would be picked to further receive a free weekend getaway for two.

To enter the giveaway, fans had to follow a couple of simple rules that were located in the caption of Nastia’s post.

The gymnast looked effortlessly gorgeous for the exciting giveaway as she posed with a pair of light-washed denim jeans and then added a baggy, black sweater that she slightly left rolled up.

Nastia further accessorized with a couple of gold necklaces, a pair of gold earrings, and a flashy silver watch.

The blonde beauty looked out into the distance while she held onto her brown and black Louis Vuitton travel bags.

Fans can now head to Kimpton Marlowe Hotel’s website along with their Instagram page to keep up to date with their latest deals and future giveaways.

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