Nastia Liukin stuns in bikinis for 72 hours in Mexico

Nastia Liukin gazes into the camera.
Nastia Liukin stunned in a tiny bikini during her stay in Mexico. Pic credit: © Hasegawa/HollywoodNewsWire

Nastia Liukin was stunning in a bikini for a 72-hour stay at a resort in Mexico.

The Olympic Gold Medalist sported a tiny purple bikini with cheeky bottoms that tied at the sides, and the top featured thin straps that crossed over each other multiple times as it tied in the back. The bikini complemented her glowing skin and amazing figure.

Nastia paired her beach-ready bikini with a rimmed tan hat to shade her face and eyes from the sun. Her overall look was contented, adventurous, and ready to bask in the sun at the beach.

The American gymnast was surrounded by beautiful beaches with waves lapping up around Nastia as she ventured into the waters. The beach featured lovely sands as well as big rocks and a small cliff side underneath a blue sky.

The video posted to Instagram showed multiple shots of the different luxuries that Nastia enjoyed during her stay. This included beautiful beaches, exquisite cuisine, and even fireworks.

Nastia was tagged in the post by Auberge Resorts Collection and the caption included a quote from Nastia that read, “The property itself is breathtaking, and I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of calm being immersed in the natural beauty of the landscape.”

Nastia Liukin talks about what wellness means to her

In an interview with The Cut, Nastia spoke about what wellness means to her.

Nastia said that at a very young age, her mom had told her to treat her body like an expensive car and to question what kind of “fuel” was put into it. In this scenario, junk food could be compared to fuel that wouldn’t give the body the best results.

The star went on to say, “As soon as I was able to process that, like when I was 12, it made total sense to me. Of course I ate junk food every once in a while as a kid, but then I would kind of feel it in my body, you know, you don’t have as much energy.”

Nastia Liukin gives advice for staying active

In the same interview, Nastia also gave advice for staying active.

“I love going to Pilates and I feel great after it,” the gymnast continued, “and yeah, it might be hard to wake up some mornings but at the end … you know that feeling, and it’s worth it.”

Nastia explained that it’s important to find a type of exercise that fuels passion, and if this is done, it will never feel like something that has to be forced.

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