Nastia Liukin shares her love by the ocean

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Nastia Liukin showed love for her boyfriend on the beach. Pic credit: © Means/ACE Pictures

Like millions of people around the world yesterday, Nastia Liukin expressed her love to the special person in her life. 

The Olympic gold medalist shared a Valentine’s Day themed post on her Instagram, where she has amassed 1.1 million followers.

The post included a romantic video featuring her boyfriend as the two soaked up the sun and enjoyed one another’s company.

Nastia also wrote a heartfelt caption in honor of her man.

As fans could see, it was all blue skies and white beaches for the young couple.

The self-shot video featured the couple walking into the ocean from the perspective of the sand. 

Nastia Liukin shows love for her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Nastia wore a red bikini that popped against her bronzed skin as she held her boyfriend’s hand. She protected her face from harmful UV rays with a large straw hat. Meanwhile, her boyfriend wore dark-colored swim trunks. 

The couple looked blissful as they wandered side-by-side into the ocean.

At the end of the video, things got playful as Nastia’s boyfriend lifted her for an animated moment. 

The backdrop was nothing short of magnificent. There were white, sandy beaches, beautiful crashing waves, and blue skies. Nastia added to the ambiance of the video with a cover of Al Green’s smash hit, Let’s Stay Together, playing in the background.

Nastia’s loving caption read, “I love you so much, that’s all… you know the rest ❤️ @bens_there.”

The Russian native tagged her boyfriend, Ben, who seems to keep a pretty low profile on social media.

A low profile isn’t the case for Nastia, who has pivoted her career since winning a gold medal at the Olympics.

Nastia Liukin talks Olympics workout 

Nastia recently spoke with Galore as part of her promotional duties for a reality TV show. The show, Special Forces, began airing last month on Fox and featured celebrity contestants engaging in real military training. 

Although Nastia left the show early, the publicity tour saw her answering questions about her Olympics training schedule. According to Nastia, her training was brutal.

She explained, “Leading up to the Olympics, I used to train 7 hours a day, 6 days a week.”

However, these days, Nastia’s training has lessened in intensity. The reason her training has become milder is that her new focus is health rather than winning.

Nastia continued, “These days my training schedule is drastically different. I used to train with the goal of winning an Olympic gold medal. Now I train with the goal of overall health; not for looking good but for feeling good.”

Special Forces airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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