Nastia Liukin shared her morning routine

Nastia Liukin up close.
Nastia Liukin sizzled during her morning routine. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

But first, coffee. Unless you’re Nastia Liukin, who slipped into a swimsuit and kick-started her day with a cold plunge.

After fully submerging in her pool, the 33-year-old Olympic gymnast quickly climbed out of the freezing water, showing off her sculpted physique.

Undoubtedly full of energy following the plunge, Nastia began a FaceTime workout with celebrity fitness trainer Kira Stokes, who she trains with several times weekly. 

Dressed in black spandex leggings and a sports bra, Nastia could be seen performing a variety of exercises using a resistance band, including donkey kicks, fire hydrants, and side-lying leg lifts.

Nastia took a “quick shower” before changing into a pair of distressed denim pants and a light pink button-down shirt with matching pointed-toe heels.

Finally, it was “breakfast & go time” to complete her morning routine. 

Nastia Liukin tried to make ‘gen z girlies’ proud with her outfit choice

Nastia went outside her fashion comfort zone in a recent share, sporting super wide-legged jeans with a tan cropped waistcoat.

She coordinated the look with a chic blazer and chunky black platform boots. Her hair was slicked back in the signature Nastia bun.

The five-foot-three beauty did a few spins in front of a full-length mirror, modeling the look and seemingly trying to decide whether she liked it or not.

She tagged the designers in the caption, adding, “really trying hard to make my gen z girlies proud by not wearing skinny jeans everyday… but just not sure how I feel yet lol.”

Nastia Liukin showed off her toned tummy for Zara partnership

Nastia unveiled her chiseled abs in “a wholesome sunday little fit” by Zara earlier this month, and it just might be one of her best looks to date.

The gorgeous Moscow native partnered with Zara, one of the largest international fashion companies in the world, to share the hottest trends with her followers. 

Anyone who follows Nastia knows her collaboration with Zara, as she frequently tags the brand in her posts and shares new garments.

The latest jaw-dropping ensemble included a patchwork maxi skirt with cream-colored boots and a long-sleeve knit crop top.

As always, Nastia tagged the fashion brand in the caption, encouraging her fans to shop the look.

Now, looking at Nastia’s fit figure, most people are left wondering what in the world she eats to look so good!

Thankfully, she shared all her secrets during an interview for TODAY, saying she eats “a lot of protein, a lot of vegetables, a lot of greens. I don’t really eat too many carbs, and if I do, it’s brown rice or quinoa. And I really love green juices.”

She added some extra advice, “I don’t necessarily do green juice cleanses for a week long, but if I’m not feeling that great, I’ll just do a one or two day juice cleanse, and it will just pick me right back up.”

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