Nastia Liukin goes orange for ‘Texas sunsets’

nastia liukin face
Nastia Liukin looked gorgeous orange. Pic credit: @nastialiukin/Instagram

Nastia Liukin was born in Russia, but the American athlete has long called Texas her home.

The blonde bombshell took to Instagram to share a delightful moment from the comfort of her backyard.

As Nastia’s 1.1 million fans soon learned, the talented athlete has a beautiful oasis as her backyard. 

And thanks to a recent sponsorship, Nastia’s backyard looked even better than usual.

Nastia filmed a short video featuring a new piece of furniture, posting the clip on her Instagram.

The video started with Nastia’s fence-enclosed yard, with the bathing beauty stepping into the scene wearing an orange bikini.

Nastia Liukin promotes Ledge Lounger

Nastia donned a bright two-piece for her latest promotional duties as she promoted Ledge Lounger, a company providing luxurious pool equipment.

As Nastia entered the frame, she headed to her pool. Clear water and a stunning waterfall feature added to the ambiance.

Nastia dipped her toes in the pool, where two stylish white chairs rested, slightly submerged in water. The loungers added a modern and chic twist to the beautiful backyard, with the white furniture reflecting against the pool surface.

Next, Nastia sat on the edge of the lounger, soaking up the sun with white-framed sunglasses. She perched at the end of the seat, which was functional and fashionable, with sleek curves and a minimalistic vibe. 

In the clip, Nastia featured the Ledge Lounger Signature Chaise, which retails for $799.

As for Nastia, the white lounger was the perfect fit for her beautiful oasis.

Nastia shouted out the brand in a caption accompanying the post, writing, “Texas (sunsets) forever ? chaises: @ledgelounger #ledgeloungerpartner #gifted.”

When Nastia isn’t soaking up the sun, you might find her breaking a sweat.

Nastia Liukin talks about workout secrets

Nastia spoke with TODAY, where she detailed her fitness favorites in terms of a circuit that many could do.

The Olympic beauty shared a grueling, equipment-free ab workout with three total moves. Nastia’s killer ab routine involved planks, side planks, and Russian twists for a core-burning experience.

The gold medalist also spoke from experience, revealing which exercise worked best for her 5’3″ frame.

Nastia revealed, “The most effective for me is running, though it’s not my favorite. But if I need to get in shape quickly, I need to run.” 

Nonetheless, the athlete pushes through her discomfort, with regular cardio as a staple of her workout regime.

As for free weights, Nastia keeps things light, opting to use body weight for resistance training.

She continued, “If I do weights, it’s probably very light weights, five to ten pounds, no more than that.”

Nastia also committed to doing something for 30 minutes daily, leaving much flexibility for what that could entail. 

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