Nastia Liukin channels Britney Spears for racy Halloween costume

Nastia Liukin posing on the red carpet at the Beverly Hills Dog Show
Nastia Liukin channels Britney Spears with racy Halloween costume. Pic credit: ©

Nastia Liukin channeled Britney Spears while showing off her daring and racy Halloween costume on her TikTok account.

The 32-year-old Olympic gold medalist frequently updates her 1.1 million Instagram followers and 168k TikTok followers about her personal life, even apologizing to them if she goes MIA for a little too long.

It has been roughly 14 years since Liukin took home the Gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the all-around gymnastics competition. In total, she took home five medals for gymnastics (1 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze) from the 2008 Olympics.

Liukin retired from gymnastics officially in 2012, but she certainly hasn’t left the sport behind. She now serves as an NBC Sports analyst for gymnastics and also created her own gymnastics competitions and established the Nastia Liukin Fund.

She has continued to inspire others with the launch of her gymnastics equipment line, her work in modeling, and her recent founding of the Muse Collective.

Liukin also frequently stuns her followers with her thoughtful fashion choices and toned body. In the spirit of October, she debuted an especially racy and thrilling Halloween costume.

Nastia Liukin channeled Britney Spears with new Halloween costume

Liukin shared her Spears-inspired Halloween costume via a 9-second TikTok posted on October 3, 2022. The TikTok showed her smoothly transitioning from her casual wear to her racy and spot-on Spears costume.

The costume is based off of Spears’ iconic 2001 VMAs performance in which she held a yellow python and sported body glitter and a tropical-themed bikini and jewelry.

Liukin mimicked Spears’ get-up quite well with an olive-green colored bikini top, paired with bright blue bikini bottoms.

She accessorized the green and blue bikini with a glittery, bejeweled belt and colorful fabric pinned to her bikini bottom.

Liukin finished the look with colorful, knee-high cowboy boots and, of course, a yellow python. She opted for a stuffed python over a live one, though.

Liukin seemed thrilled with her costume as she posed in her house and around her pool, waving around her stuffed python and posing with a hand in her hair.

Liukin debuts multiple Halloween looks

Liukin’s racy Spears costume was actually the second Halloween look she has debuted so far. The gymnast also took to Instagram on October 4, 2022, to share a then vs. now Halloween photo.

The short video saw an adorable young Liukin, dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. The photo then transitions to Liukin in the present day, wearing an upgraded Dorothy costume.

Liukin showed off her flawless legs in a blue, plaid minidress paired with a white t-shirt.

She also wore Dorothy’s iconic red shoes that she taps together to go home. However, Liukin abandoned the slipper style for some gorgeous glittery, red platform heels.

She topped the look off with a small handheld bag inside of which a small stuffed dog, Toto, can be seen resting.

Liukin was all smiles as she tapped her heels and spun in a full circle, showing off her modern Dorothy costume. Between her Spears costume and her Dorothy costume, Liukin is clearly winning at Halloween.

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