Nastia Liukin adds pop of pink to share ‘last night’s look’

Nastia Liukin selfie close up
Nastia Liukin looks stunning as she shares her iconic evening look. Pic credit: ©

The five-time Olympian, Nastia Liukin looked phenomenal in her elegant nightly ensemble as she shared the look with her fans in one of her most recent social media posts.

The 33-year-old Russian gymnast stood in the mirror while the camera remained fixated on her.

Nastia was spotted sharing her step-by-step wardrobe essentials for the night as she radiated a natural, glowing beauty within the shots.

The athlete took the short video clip to her Instagram, sharing it with her 1.1 million followers.

In the first couple of seconds of the clip, Nastia was spotted wearing a pair of black, high-waisted bell-bottom jeans that accentuated her long, slender legs.

For the next nightly essential, the gymnast added an off-the-shoulder blouse. The low-cut blouse featured a variety of pink-colored roses that perfectly complemented Nastia’s complexion.

Nastia Liukin looks fabulous in her elegant evening ensemble

As she continued to strategically style the utmost perfect fit, Nastia then went on to add her footwear for the night.

The athlete decided to add a pair of matching pink heels. The pointed heels featured a big bow that rested right in the middle of the top of the shoe.

The Olympian wore a classic yet elegant look for her hairstyle. She slicked her blonde locks back into a tight bun that rested right on top of her head.

The tight bun drew more emphasis to Nastia’s effortlessly glowing face, which glistened in the light.

The blonde beauty accessorized with a black leather handbag, along with an assortment of silver jewelry. She sported a dainty silver chain and a bunch of silver studs that traveled up her ears.

Without a doubt, Nastia was certainly the star of this show, as she executed this look with absolute ease and perfection.

She captioned the post, “Last night’s look 💕🎀 linked on my @shop.ltk page! top: @theandamane pants: @zara shoes: @deeocleppo bag: @ysl.”

Nastia Liukin shares her full workout routine along the beach

In another Instagram post, the gymnast was kind enough to share a day in the life of an athlete as she recorded herself during a workout session.

Nastia was joined by her fitness trainer, Kira Stokes, as they teamed together to shoot the scenic video.

The two women geared up in their athletic fits as they were captured having a nice workout along the sunny beach.

Nastia and Kira looked to be enjoying themselves during the workout and stretch session as they smiled, laughed, and further goofed around side by side.

The two athletes did various quad and glute exercises as they sported a workout band around their legs.

The two ladies were also pictured doing some cartwheels as they had no problem with getting their hands a little sandy.

Nastia paired Weezer’s Island In The Sun song to play over the video as it was the perfect fit for the vibes.

She captioned the video, “🫶 Sometimes less is more…. No caption is even necessary. Just true happiness when your soul is filled with everything you need @kirastokesfit @nastialiukin.”

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