Naomi Watts goes casual in blouse and bell-bottom jeans

Naomi Watts poses 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards
Naomi Watts donned some casual wear for a walk with her dog. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Naomi Watts was spotted enjoying a walk with her dog in New York City, New York.

The 54-year-old actress looked stylish but casual for the outing. She chose a red long-sleeve button-up with polka dots for her top.

Meanwhile, she tucked the bottom of her shirt into her jeans. The blue denim jeans were bell-bottomed and featured a small tear below one pocket.

Watts paired her outfit with some white comfortable looking sneakers. She added to her look with a pair of beige-framed sunglasses shielding her eyes.

Watts finished her look with a gold necklace with one circular pendant and one rectangular pendant. She appeared to be listening to something on her earbuds as she walked down the street.

Her adorable little rescue dog trotted after her dutifully as she held his leash loosely in her hand.

Naomi Watts enjoyed a casual walk

Watts looked calm and relaxed as she enjoyed her walk in her casual wear. The camera captured a soft smile on her lips as she walked.

Naomi Watts went for a walk in New York with her dog
Naomi Watts was spotted soaking in the outdoors with her dog as they stepped out for a walk in New York. Pic credit: BrosNYC / BACKGRID

It isn’t unusual to see Watts enjoying the outdoors. She recently posted a photo of herself enjoying a bike ride in an oversized pink sweater.

The photo was snapped at the beautiful Marram Montauk resort. Watts paired the image with a message about accepting menopause.

In another recent post, she revealed that she enjoyed a hike before attending the 2022 Emmys. She went casual for that outing, too, with a t-shirt, jean shorts, and a baseball cap.

In the caption, she assured her boyfriend, Billy Crudup, that she would at least fix up her hair before showing up to support him at the awards show.

Whether walking, biking, or hiking, Watts always looks happy and relaxed when she is outdoors.

Watts recently launched Stripes

While Watts is best known for her acting career, she has recently taken on an entrepreneurial spirit. She has been focusing on promoting her new beauty and wellness brand, Stripes.

Stripes launched on October 18, 2022, and is a wellness brand focusing on menopausal health. She created the brand after she went through menopause and felt unprepared and alone.

With Stripes, she hopes to destigmatize menopause and help women feel unapologetic about undergoing it. She told Fashionista that menopause doesn’t make one invisible or irrelevant but is something that should be celebrated as a culmination of their life experiences.

In addition to fostering positive conversation around menopause, Stripes launched several products meant to help women transition smoothly into that period of their life.

On the site’s Instagram page, she shared a few of her products, including The Full Monty, which helps with dryness associated with menopause.

Her brand stands out among celebrity brands and product lines because Stripes is very mission-driven and targets an audience that is often left out by beauty brands.

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