Nailea Devora goes braless in crop top and miniskirt

Nailea Devora snaps a selfie
Nailea Devora looks stunning with colored contact lenses. Pic credit: @naileadevora/Instagram

The American social media personality Nailea Devora keeps leaving everyone with their jaws on the floor.

She is known mainly on TikTok, which has a following of 8.7 million. She has also been linked to other prominent personalities in the entertainment industry, like YouTuber James Charles or fellow TikTok sensation and streamer Vinnie Hacker.

But she is also known for having an incredible fashion style and showing off on her social media content.

She recently stunned posing for the camera wearing a tiny white crop top with yellow and red details, showing off her toned stomach with a black miniskirt.

Devora looked incredible, giving off vibes of a different era, with voluminous curled hair and straight bangs that she wore during his shoot.

For shoewear, she opted for a black chunky platform heel with white socks to add a little extra touch.

Nailea Devora stuns in black fishnets and miniskirt

In another picture, she kneeled in black fishnets, looking mesmerizing. This time she put on a tight black cotton shirt and a pleated purple and black skirt with fur all around the edge.

She finished this look by wearing an iconic pair of Prada brushed leather pumps, sharp eyeliner, and a nude lip.

These pictures were taken and shared on Instagram by the photographer Amaury Nessaibia, who has photographed other celebrities like Noah Cyrus and Kali Uchis.

Nailea Devora clears up dating rumors with Vinnie Hacker

The 20-year-old YouTuber and TikToker is friends with many other TikTokers, including Dixie D’Amelio, Larray, and Vinnie Hacker.

However, for quite some time, the internet went a little crazy when Devora and Hacker started posting some content together, and fans began shipping the two of them (wanting them to be romantically involved together). Despite the rumors, neither Devora nor Hacker said something about it.

However, Dixie D’Amelio asked Devora about her opinion of these rumors on an episode of her early Late Night Show. When asked about this, Devora said the comments on social media made her uncomfortable. She continued, “Because it’s with the other person — like, you both are receiving that and seeing a lot of comments and stuff. It’s a little weird. But I think it’s never gotten between our friendship or anything. We’ve always been super cool about it. We both laugh about it. It’s always just been friendly.”

Watch the full interview of Nailea Devora by Dixie D’Amelio on YouTube.

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