Model Zoe Gara is on ‘cloud nine’ with Lounge Underwear snaps

australian model zoe gara
Australian model Zoe Gara shared a jaw-dropping series of photos from the Maldives. Pic credit: @zozgara/TikTok

Australian model Zoe Gara shared a sizzling new series of shots that set temperatures soaring as she struck various poses in Lounge Underwear’s stunning attire while in an exotic location.

The social media influencer absolutely rocked a gorgeous lingerie set featuring a matching orange bra and cheeky panties.

The seemingly sheer undergarments had visible yellow and pink flowers scattered all over them, with Gara sharing images in an Instagram post from Maldives Islands.

To start off her carousel post, Gara shared a shot of herself as she stood in a doorway featuring sliding glass doors with wooden sides.

Gara gazed at the camera with a serious expression as her curly locks flowed past her shoulders. She extended one arm overhead, grabbing the side of one sliding door and the other arm at shoulder length with her hand on the opposite door’s wooden portion.

A reflection of the beautiful outdoor scene was visible on the glass door panels, with calm ocean water for miles and somewhat cloudy skies.

Zoe Gara shares stunning Lounge Underwear snaps from Maldives

The model’s Maldives photo shoot didn’t stop with one image, as she shared four others in the Lounge Underwear intimate apparel. The Australian model and social media star wore a noticeable dark pink lipstick to go with her dark brows and lashes.

A second shot had Gara standing between the open doors, with both hands behind her curly locks and her gaze averted off-camera.

For a third photo, Gara posed with one elbow bent and her hand near her hair while the other hand rested across her bra as she looked toward the camera with her hips shifted to one side.

In her fourth image, the model and Instagram star had one hand atop her head and the other grabbing a sliding door as she smiled toward the camera.

A final pic had Gara standing sideways in the door, with her hand still resting on her chest and her other hand holding onto the wooden portion of the door for a sultry shot.

“[Cloud emoji] nine,” she wrote in her IG post’s caption, also tagging Lounge Underwear’s IG page.

Zoe Gara promotes clothing brands regularly, including Lounge

Gara’s latest Instagram share is one of several in which she’s promoted the Lounge Underwear brand, suggesting she could be a paid partner. She may also be looking to partner with Lounge by tagging them when modeling their items.

According to the brand’s story, it launched in 2015 and has a mission of “Empowering women worldwide, redefining beauty standards and paving the way for all things Comfort Made Sexy.”

For Black Friday 2022, Gara promoted the brand’s annual sale with a post geotagged in Los Angeles, California. She wore a stunning bra and panty set with a primarily light blue background, floral embroidery, and bright pink bows. That pink color also was also present in a thin trim on her panties, with the side straps resting above her hips.

In addition to Lounge, Gara has shared Instagram posts where she’s tagged various brands, including Khassani Swimwear and the luxury beachwear brand Flook (below).

Based on the Flook presentation below, Gara loves to travel, as she geotagged the IG carousel post of images in a stunning black dress with Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

As of this report, it’s unknown whether Gara is receiving compensation for her posts that feature Lounge Underwear’s lingerie or other brands’ items. However, the Australian model looks stunning as she continues to present these items to her 874,000 followers on Instagram.

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