Model Morgan Ketzner in crochet bikini enjoys one more beach day before snow

Morgan Ketzner poses for a selfie in Santa Monica, California
Morgan Ketzner enjoyed one last beach day before heading home for the holidays. Pic credit: @morganketzner/Instagram

Morgan Ketzner looked stunning in black on her “last day in a bikini.” The 29-year-old Instagram model enjoyed one more beach day on December 6, before she returned home for the holidays.

While it is sunny and balmy in Palm Beach, Florida, Ketzner was preparing to go home to “MinneSnowta.” In contrast to The Sunshine State, Minnesota is known for being one of the snowiest states in the U.S.

Hence, Ketzner capitalized on the chance to soak in the sunshine one last time as she made her way to the beach. She captured a few shots of her posing on the shore with the blue ocean and sky forming a breathtaking backdrop.

For the photos, Ketzner posed in a stylish black bikini. She wore a halter-neck bikini top along with matching black bikini bottoms.

To finish her look, she wore a straw hat from Lack of Color with a black ribbon tied around the top to match her black bikini.

She opted to forego accessories for the trip and went jewelry-free. Ketzner also opted to style her hair into a ponytail with several loose front strands framing her face nicely.

Morgan Ketzner’s next stop is Minnesota

Ketzner shared three photos of her posing on the beach. All three were shot with her standing up and in two of them, she posed with her fingers toying with her hat.

In her caption, she indicated that she was going back to her home state of Minnesota for the upcoming holidays.

While Ketzner has kept much of her life private outside of modeling, she has previously referred to Minnesota fondly as her home. While answering questions for Modeliste Magazine, she confirmed that she grew up in Minnesota.

Additionally, the model offered a surprising fact about herself which was that she played hockey while growing up in Minnesota.

Even though she was living in California back then, she still considered Minnesota “home.” She stated, “Minnesota is still home to me and I go back often.”

Back in April, she went home to Minnesota to celebrate hitting one million followers on Instagram with her friends and family. Even though the model loves traveling around the world and modeling swimsuits in Florida and California, she proved that she does return frequently to her home in Minnesota.

Ketzner is a Shein partner

Since beginning her career at the age of 19, Ketzner has collaborated with several brands. She has worked particularly close with Shein and has frequently promoted the brand as a Shein partner.

Most recently, she promoted the brand by posing in one of their gorgeous golden bikini designs. She modeled the bikini while standing by the poolside and also shared a discount code for Shein with her followers.

While Ketzner is known for modeling swimsuits, she has modeled all kinds of different looks for Shein. Back in November, she highlighted Shein’s “bright retro looks.”

She donned one of Shein’s retro styles herself, which included a white crop top with spaghetti straps and a beige mini skirt with a thick belt. She posed in the Shein outfit with a hand on her hip and her toned midriff showing slightly.

In addition to modeling for Shein, she took to YouTube to give an inside look into being a Shein partner. In the video, she revealed that the company sends her 100 – 400 bikinis a month which she then models in batches using her iPhone and sends the photos to Shein to use.

While followers mainly just see bits and pieces of her promotions, it turns out that Shein keeps Ketzner pretty busy as she models upwards of 100 bikinis for them a month as part of their partnership.

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