Model Kelly Gale reflects on 2022 in compilation video

Kelly Gale close up
Kelly Gale showed off her 2022 adventures in several string bikinis. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Gale looked as if she had one of the most carefree, adventurous, happy years of her life, as she shared a montage of video clips from 2022.

The former Victoria’s Secret model, who hails from Gothenburg, Sweden, shared clips from several beach getaways looking as if she spent the entire year in a warm climate.

It’s not surprising, considering she once told Grazia magazine, “I’m like super, super, super cold – always. I’ve never experienced being too warm, ever. I don’t know what that feels like.”

The clip started out with Kelly looking out over stunning clear blue water at sunset wearing a flowery string bikini. The clip quickly changed over to another in which she wore a bright pink string bikini as she was seen playing chess, and jokingly being pushed into a pool.

More beach shots were shown, one in which Kelly wore a black string bikini. Later, more adventurous clips appeared as she was getting strapped in for what appeared to be bungee jumping as well as riding on the back of something with her fiance Joel Kinnaman in front.

Several more bikini shots were included, with Kelly diving into the water at one point, and a video of Kelly and Joel walking on a dock as they got their picture taken for Vogue Scandinavia was also included.

The montage was played over the popular Tik Tok sound by Zwindy Williams, “And with that the 2022 season comes to an end.”

She captioned the clips, “Memories from 2022❤️??.”

Kelly Gale is engaged to fellow Swede Joel Kinnaman

Kelly and Joel went public with their relationship at the Coachella music festival in April 2019. It was not long after his divorce from Cleo Wattenström, whom he split with at the end of 2018 after two years of marriage.

The pair got engaged in January 2021 in an adorable Instagram post that saw them kissing on a mountaintop overlooking the ocean. Kelly posted the pictures with the caption, “Yours forever❤️.”

Though things looked exceptionally perfect for the genetically blessed duo, they revealed in an interview with Vogue Scandinavia that things were not as nice as they seemed.

Kelly told the publication that she had declared just a few weeks earlier that she was not at all ready for marriage, and despite saying yes, she was angry.

However, they started going to couples therapy and worked on some of the fundamental issues they had in their relationship, with the model even deciding not to wear her engagement ring for a short period of time.

They told the publication that it was really painful, but in the end, they got through it.

Kelly plays a passenger in the movie Plane

Kelly appears in the upcoming movie Plane, which will be released on January 13 and stars Gerard Butler, Mike Colter, and Tony Goldwyn.

The trailer shows the pilot of the plane, played by Gerard, realizing he’ll be carrying a fugitive as one of his passengers. When things go wrong and the plane crash lands on an island near the Philippines that is run by separatists and militias, the passengers are kidnapped and held hostage.

The pilot, along with the fugitive played by Mike, escapes and they have to find a way to get the passengers to safety.

Kelly is seen playing a passenger at the beginning of the movie, and later on, looking frightened as she is held hostage with the others.

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