Model Grace Boor strikes a pose in front of luxury sports car

Grace Boor selfie
Grace Boor showed off her toned figure as she sat on a BMW in a blue string bikini. Pic credit: @graceboor/Instagram

Model Grace Boor appears to be living out her entire life in a bikini, and she must have a massive closet for all of them because it seems as if she never wears the same swimsuit twice.

Partial to warm climates like Miami, Florida, and the Cayman Islands, Grace struts her stuff on white sandy beaches and swims in refreshing clear blue oceans. Basically, she’s living the dream of the majority of people stuck in cold winter climates at the moment.

Grace’s aesthetic is definitely string bikinis, bright colors, and beach waves (in her hair and the ocean), so it’s not surprising that she has amassed a staggering 1.6 million Instagram followers with her content alone.

Her most recent shot included more than just a bikini and palm trees as she posed sitting on a luxury sports car, though it’s unclear whether it was hers.

She sat on the blue BMW that had the doors lifted and shared two different poses before posting a video clip of the car itself at the end.

The car was parked in front of the beach, where a large yacht was seen speeding by in the background, so Grace still stayed true to her aesthetic.

She shared two different poses in which her long brunette hair cascaded down her shoulders, and her makeup was fresh and youthful with a glowing appearance.

Grace wore a blue string bikini with ruffles on the edges and captioned the stunning shot, “First I drop my top,” while tagging her location as Miami, Florida.

Grace Boor sizzled in a red bikini for a beach day in Miami

The influencer posed in front of another vehicle just a day later as she was seen standing in front of a four-wheeler in a bright red string bikini that certainly sent temperatures rising.

She apparently felt the same as she captioned the shot, “Bringing the heat❤️‍?.”

The swimsuit was from OneOne swimwear, which counts swimsuit model Cindy Prado and Bachelor Nation favorite Kelley Flanagan as fans.

Her long brunette hair was once again left down as she looked off to the side in the quintessential influencer pose.

Grace wore a palm tree bikini from the swimwear brand Andi Bagus

Grace is all about the endorsements on her Instagram page, especially when it comes to swimwear brands.

At the top of her profile is a glowing shot of the brunette bombshell with wind-blown hair and wearing a white mesh bikini with seashells on the front and along the bottoms.

She tagged the swimwear brand Andi Bagus in the shot, and though it no longer appears on the website, a similar one called the Atlantis Bikini costs $89.

Another dazing bikini on the site that also looks similar is the Fruit Punch Bikini. It’s almost the same but features kiwis rather than sea shells on the front and costs $55.

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