Model Courtney Stodden claps back at hater, tells followers to stand up for themselves

Courtney Stodden poses at the 3rd Annual Roger Neal Style Hollywood Oscar Viewing Dinner
Courtney Stodden clapped back at a hater who left a nasty comment. Pic credit: ©

Courtney Stodden slammed a hater after he left a rude comment on one of their posts. They shared their biting response to the hater with their followers and urged them to stand up for themselves.

The incident occurred on December 1 when Stodden shared a short video with their followers. In the candid video, they showed their viewers what they looked like with and without makeup.

Over the video, Stodden wrote, “Makeup is cute but so is your face.” The positive post received mostly kind responses as their followers stated that they were beautiful either way.

However, one nasty commenter stated, “From a model to a crackie in seconds…”

Stodden decided not to let the hater off the hook and penned a heated response to him. In their response, they slammed him for his outlook on the female body and called men like him “disgraceful.”

They went on to state, “I pray to the Gods you don’t have children with this monstrous and dangerous misogyny that you oh so cowardly express on the internet.” Stodden concluded by telling him he could either unfollow them or continue to stalk them.

Courtney Stodden told followers to stand up for themselves

Stodden later captured a snapshot of their response to the hater and reshared it with their fans. The snapshot circled and highlighted the nasty comment and their response to it.

Meanwhile, they wrote on the snapshot, “Stand up for yourself. And if you can’t find the strength to do that, use your voice to stand up for others.”

Next to their note of encouragement, they included a graphic of a gravestone that read “R.I.P. The Patriarchy.”

Courtney Stodden tells her followers to stand up for themselves after slamming a hater.
Pic credit: @courtneyastodden/Instagram

Stodden, who is known for being a model and singer, has used their platform before to promote body positivity, as they did in their makeup video by showing both makeup and bare face are beautiful. This is likely why they felt the need to respond when someone challenged their positivity with negativity.

They also pinned a post to their Instagram that showed a candid photo of them. In one photo, they posed in a way that showed off their cellulite and one that didn’t, explaining to their fans that most of the “perfect” pictures they see on Instagram are illusions made with photo editing and specific posture/posing.

They have become quite the advocate for body positivity and have proven that they aren’t going to back down on their stances despite haters and trolls.

Stodden has celebrated their freedom

Stodden’s platform has been centered around body positivity and freedom recently. These sentiments are understanding as Stodden has worked to reclaim their life after splitting from ex-husband Doug Hutchison.

In October, they took to Instagram to celebrate getting their driver’s license at age 28. The accomplishment was quite significant as it was one of the first steps to gaining their independence.

In the post, Stodden described having been “suppressed for so long” and their worth being “shattered by the men” in their life. Despite feeling like they would never be independent, they pushed themself to start the “beautiful and scary journey” to be free.

Stodden made headlines in 2011 when news broke that they had married 51-year-old Doug Hutchinson when they were just 16 years old. They divorced him in 2020 and went on to allege that they had been exploited, groomed, and abused by Hutchison.

Stodden has also stated that Hutchinson was extremely controlling and that they had no control of their own body or finances with him. However, they also explained that they are receiving therapy and healing slowly from the ordeal.

They are now using their journey to inspire others to be free and independent, to love themselves, and to stand up for themselves.

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