Model Bar Refaeli enjoys a gorgeous day on the water

Bar Refaeli looks stunning in her teeny blue bikini. Pic credit: ©

Bar Refaeli definitely turned some heads as she happily walked alongside the ocean in nothing but her teeny blue bikini.

The 37-year-old has certainly made a name for herself over the last decade as she’s proved she’s a woman of many fine talents and skills.

Refaeli is an Israeli model, a television host, a businesswoman, and an actress.

She is among the most internationally successful models to come from Israel, making herself an all-around successful woman.

The model tends to be quite active on her social media platforms, especially on Instagram, where she’s secured over 3.5 million followers.

In her most recent photo, Refaeli posed with her hand up as she shared a sneak peek of her relaxing day by the beach.

Bar Refaeli glistens in the sunlight

Refaeli certainly isn’t shy when showing a little skin, as she was recently captured walking on a dock beside the beautiful blue, glistening ocean.

The model faced the ocean with her back toward the camera as she gave her followers two gorgeous views in just one shot.

Refaeli wore a cheeky, baby-blue bikini that hugged her body just perfectly, as it accentuated her slender yet toned curves.

As the model made her way down the sunny dock, she held her one hand high in the air with a glass of champagne as if she was cheering to a beautiful, sunny day by the ocean.

It was a simple but breathtaking photo as it captured the happiness of a timeless moment.

Bar Refaeli looks gorgeous as she ages like fine wine

Refaeli looks more gorgeous than ever as she maintains a killer, toned body even after having three kids.

She certainly isn’t bashful when it comes time to pose in her lingerie either, as she’s now an ambassador and model for the lingerie brand Femina, which is based out of her home country in Israel.

The model frequently posts pictures of herself modeling in the company’s lingerie as they offer various colors and styles.

In one of her recent Instagram shares, Refaeli is photographed in nothing but a black lacy lingerie set as she posed with her hands held high in the air. Her abs were evident as she casually stretched, and her toned physique was present for the pose.

Her long blonde hair fell in front of her face and covered it completely. However, the picture was still gorgeous, even without her face visible.

The contrast between the pretty blue background and Refaeli’s black lingerie set made the photo that much more mesmerizing.

Refaeli’s fans showed their love as the post received 15 thousand likes and over 100 loving comments.

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