Model Alexis Ren bares abs in ‘LA attire’

Alexis Ren
Model Alexis Ren is proving that her ab workout produces results. Pic credit: © Bennight/Admedia

Model and social media influencer Alexis Ren has been busy lately with new photo shoots and ad campaigns for different brands.

The ex of Noah Centineo has been flaunting her fit physique lately as she’s shared a few different ads, including a swimsuit campaign.

Alexis is back again, promoting Alo yoga wear in her most recent Instagram post.

Alexis and Alo partner up for many different collaborations and often promote the brand, so she likely received a hefty sum to share her latest outfit.

Her 16.5 million followers left a lot of love on the post, leaving over 167,000 likes and more than 550 comments.

For the caption, Alexis kept it simple, writing, “LA attire @alo.”

Alexis Ren shows toned abs in crop top

Alexis shared three snaps of the workout attire as she stood under the shade of some trees along the side of a road.

She didn’t look at the camera, instead keeping her focus on her phone in front of her, possibly picking out a song to workout to based on her headphones.

The outfit featured baggy gray athletic pants and a gray crop top, showing off every inch of Alexis’s toned and fit abs.

The second image was a closer look at the shirt and model as she posed with her eyes closed and her head to the side.

The last picture was one of the outfit, not featuring Alexis’s face at all.

Alexis is big on working out, and it’s clear from these shots that she sees results, as her toned and flat abs stole the show.

Alexis Ren’s quick but brutal ab workout

Alexis’s YouTube channel has many videos about beauty and staying fit, and the model often shares her quick workout routines.

However, though the workouts are quick, they can be extremely brutal and may not be the best for all beginners.

Her 10-minute ab workout is one of her most popular videos uploaded, and her Instagram followers can see why: Those abs are undeniable, and the workout must work well.

The workout is definitely one that almost anyone will feel the day after as several different techniques are used in intense, short bursts. With 20 moves total, each is done for 30 seconds.

The techniques include crunches and different variations of crunches, leg lifts, and several different planks, just to name a few.

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