Mitski child sex trafficking and abuse allegations: How did they come about?

singer Mitski
Mitski has denied sexual abuse and child trafficking allegations. Pic credit: Mitski/YouTube

Singer and songwriter Mitski returned to social media on Tuesday morning after she quit earlier in the year — to respond to a Tumblr user who accused her of child sex trafficking and child sex abuse. Mitski dismissed the allegations as “completely false in every respect.”

“I don’t know the accuser, and I don’t know how or why they have come to associate me with their trauma,” Mitski wrote on Twitter. “I have not ever been part of sex trafficking or child abuse in any form.”

Mitksi said she had been aware of the person’s allegations for some time before she came out with a statement. She said she did not speak out sooner because she believed that the person was probably struggling with mental health issues and that coming out to deny the allegations would harm the person by giving them undue attention.

However, she said she was finally forced to speak out after the person’s Tumblr post containing the allegations recently went viral.

Read her full statement below:

How did the allegations come about?

Mitski was responding to  allegations by Tumblr user amberdollars who published a series of posts in recent months accusing the singer of grooming and sex abuse since she was at least 11 years old. The Tumblr user also admitted to having suffered PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

On August 13, a freelance music journalist Peyton Thomas also reported in a Tumblr post that amberdollars reached out to him privately, making allegations of child sex trafficking and abuse against Mitski.

According to Peyton Thomas, on Sunday, August 10, 2019, he received a private message from amberdollars who claimed to be an eighteen-year-old girl.

“I was sexually abused by Mitski for years while underage,” amberdollars’ message read. “Please DM me if you want information on this. I have made many posts in the past but none have been noticed.”

Thomas explained that being a survivor of sexual abuse, he felt an obligation to provide an opportunity for the accuser to share her story, so he sent amberdollars a private reply asking for more details.

He received a response from amberdollars on August 11 which contained details of the allegations, which included claims that Mitski raped her at a concert in Memphis on July 10, 2015, when she was 14 years old. But Thomas said that after investigating the claims and discussing them with another freelance journalist he decided to not respond to amberdollars and to block the Tumblr user.

But one of amberdollars’ Tumblr posts containing the allegations subsequently went viral and drew plenty of attention. Thomas said he decided to address the allegations publicly only after they went viral. He explained that he decided to stop communicating with amberdollars after noting several inconsistencies and misstatements in the Tumblr user’s allegations.

He added that other people, including Greg Rutkin, a musician who performed with Mitski at the concert in Memphis in 2015, have also debunked amberdollars’ claims.

Thomas pointed to obvious inconsistencies contained in the accuser’s story, such as the claim that Mitski raped her multiple times while they attended Purchase College together.

According to Mitski, the accuser could not have been a student at Purchase College at the age of nine or 10 years old. When confronted with the fact, the accuser reportedly simply changed her story, saying she only lived in the area near Purchase College at the time.

“I am going to say this as clearly and unambiguously as I can. I have extensively fact-checked this person’s claims and I have spoken to Mitski’s manager about the claims. It is now very clear to me that this story is a fabrication,” Peyton Thomas concluded.

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