Miss Mulatto ‘arrested for felony theft,’ Supa Peach and Deetranada weigh in

Mulatto arrested
Miss Mulatto has reportedly been arrested for felony theft. Pic credit: Miss Mulatto/YouTube

Rapper Miss Mulatto, whose real name is Alyssa Stephens, was reportedly arrested for theft. According to The Shade Room Teens, the felony arrest warrant is from an incident in April but the details of the alleged theft have not been reported.

Mulatto’s bond is said to have been set at $5,000 for pre-trial release. It is unclear whether Miss Mulatto has been released from custody.

Houston rapper Young Lyric was quick to mock Miss Mulatto by quoting her song ‘Bi**ch from Da Souf. Supa Peach also chimed into The Shade Room Teens’comments by criticizing Mulatto for being arrested for theft.

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However, Miss Mulatto’s sister Brooklyn Nikole implies that there is some misunderstanding surrounding the arrest, after commenting on The Shade Room Teens Instagram post: “Y’all gon look so dumb when this sorted out [lauging emoji’s] honestly.”

Deetranada later stepped into The Shade Room Teens to criticize Supa Peach for mocking Mulatto when she cannot defend herself.

“This is the same girl that cries and gets her mom and her sister when she even THINKS somebody mentioning her name. Of course, she [waits] until Latto ain’t here to defend herself to talk, that’s phony idgaf.”

Deetranada and Supa Peach continue to go back and forth on The Shade Room Teens — both accusing the other of avoiding a confrontation.

Miss Mulatto has not posted on her Instagram page since her reported arrest. It is unclear whether the rapper has been released on bond.

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4 years ago

Oh wow that’s shady

4 years ago

so true. so shady

3 years ago

what happen between superpeach and u