Miranda Kerr stuns in mesh swim cover for a happy weekend

Miranda Kerr feature
Miranda Kerr pictured at the Porter Incredible Women Gala in 2018. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Miranda Kerr looked sensational in a white bikini for a weekend share.

The Australian model recently attended the Louis Vuitton and W Magazine’s awards season dinner.

Shortly after the new year, the former Victoria’s Secret model sent love and sunshine in a must-see minidress from a tropical location. 

Kerr lives in her homeland with her tech billionaire husband, Evan Speigel, on their Hunter Valley farm.

The 39-year-old supermodel wore a bikini underneath a fishnet crop top with a sunflower design as the base with a matching bottom.

She had her luscious hair in twin braids and had a stunning sea view as the backdrop for the Instagram selfie.

She looked stunning with red lipstick and cheek blush in the IG photo she shared with her 13.9 million followers. 

How Miranda Kerr eats and exercises to maintain her supermodel body

Kerr is known for her slender and toned physique, which she has maintained for decades in the high fashion industry.

Harpers Bazaar took a deep dive into her comments about how she stays fit and noted that she prefers to work a sweat in the morning. 

For exercise, Keer enjoys Pilates and uses weightlifting or resistance bands to maintain and develop her strength. 

The outlet notes that she told Body & Soul a detailed account of her workout regimen:

“I like to exercise every day, but I mix it up. Sometimes I’ll go for a walk or a run, or I’ll do Pilates or resistance training. I may even just put some music on and let Flynn dance around while I hold the plank position for 10 minutes to strengthen my core.”

As for her diet, Keer tries to keep her food sugar-free and organic. 

She starts her day with hot water with lemon and green juice with kale, spinach, and cucumber before going for healthy fats and protein with eggs or avocado with gluten-free bread.

She also has a superfood smoothie that contains chia seeds, goji berries, and raw cacao. 

She keeps her lunch low-carb with choices such as grilled chicken and salad, and her last meal of the day may include a quinoa salad with chicken and salad. 

Miranda Kerr reveals how Kora Organics maintains a high level of antioxidants in their products

Kerr created Kora Organics, a cosmetics line, and opened up about her mother’s cancer diagnosis during a recent podcast. 

In the caption of the IG video, Kerr said she was shocked to find numerous readily available products in stores that we assumed to be safe but included toxic and potentially carcinogenic ingredients.

In the video, she talked about how certified organic products have up to 60 percent more antioxidants than non-certified ones. 

The supermodel also explained that she is turning down investors for her brand to ensure that the product remains authentic and certified organic by strict health and safety standards. 

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