Miranda Kerr shows off fit physique in skintight spandex

Miranda Kerr's face zoomed in.
Miranda Kerr’s face zoomed in. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Miranda Kerr is proving that looking amazing while working on your fitness is totally doable.

The stunning model posted a selfie on her Instagram Story for more than 13.7 million followers to admire.

Miranda has been professionally modeling since the nineties, becoming a household name as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Keeping up with her fitness is a huge factor since her career is heavily centered around being in great shape.

Miranda tagged the name of the fitness trainer whom she’s connected to these days.

She posed for her selfie in an eye-catching outfit that showed off the physique she’s worked hard for.

Miranda Kerr‘s skintight spandex looks stunning

Miranda snapped a mirror picture with her iPhone while seated on the edge of a wooden table. She wore a black sports bra with spaghetti straps underneath a tan-colored, long-sleeved yoga top.

The off-the-shoulder yoga top crossed over her chest in an overlapping manner, showing off a tiny amount of skin on one side of her stomach.

Miranda Kerr's spandex-clad selfie.
Miranda Kerr’s spandex-clad selfie. Pic credit: @MirandaKerr/Instagram

She wore a pair of skintight, black leggings that cinched around her waist. The leggings helped show off just how slender and lean her thighs and legs were.

Miranda accessorized with a gold band on her finger and several earrings lined up on her earlobe. She kept her nails short, simple, and clean, without any bright or obvious colors.

Miranda’s makeup appeared to be minimal, with her lips fully hidden from sight by her iPhone. If she was wearing eyebrow tint or mascara, it wasn’t much at all.

She wore her long brown hair parted in the middle, pulled back into a low ponytail.

The simple caption she added said, “Work hard, play hard.”

She tagged @TracyAndersonMethod, the health and wellness methodology page for people who might be trying to achieve a sense of total balance within their bodies.

Miranda Kerr looks flawless in a bikini 

It’s no surprise that Miranda looks just as great in a bikini as she does in a spandex outfit.

In a series of photos she posted during the summer, she wore a colorful two-piece bikini while visiting a lake. The nature shots gave a lovely glimpse of both Miranda and her surroundings.

The top of her bikini was covered in a striped pattern with blue, orange, and pink lines. The blue from the suit definitely made the blue from Miranda’s eyes pop.

Miranda accessorized with three separate necklaces, a bracelet, two pairs of earrings, and a sun hat.

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