Miranda Cosgrove all smiles in just a sweatshirt and boots

Miranda Cosgrove's face.
Miranda Cosgrove ona red carpet. Pic credit: ©

Miranda Cosgrove has been showing up on social media so her fans can keep up with her and the updates of her life.

Her Nickelodeon acting resume helped Miranda gain a large following of individuals who appreciate the professional work she’s done.

Bouncing from hit shows like Drake and Josh to iCarly was huge for her at an incredibly young age.

Now that she’s all grown up, it seems that people are interested in seeing what she’s got going on outside of the television realm.

Her latest picture on Instagram reveals tons of leg, making Miranda look stunning as ever.

She didn’t even have to add a caption to the picture to leave a lasting impact on anyone laying eyes on it.

Miranda Cosgrove’s sweatshirt-only mirror selfie is gorgeous

Miranda posed in front of a wall-length mirror without any pants on, revealing her lean legs. Her thighs, knees, and calves looked perfectly toned in the picture she shared.

On her feet, Miranda wore boots with thick heels that went halfway up her lower calves in a dark shade of black. Interestingly enough, at the base of her wall-length mirror, you can easily see an assortment of colorful shoes and heel options that she has.

The black boots with thick heels were certainly her best bet though, paired with an oversized sweatshirt with colorful print written on the front.

Miranda wore her highlighted hair parted down the middle, filled with blonde, brown, and black strands of hair blended together. Lastly, she added a simple gold chain necklace around her neck as the only piece of visible jewelry for the day.

Miranda Cosgrove looks lovely in a yellow miniskirt

Miranda doesn’t always go wear outfits without pants, and she proved that in a series of photos she posted during the summer. Her outfits change in every shot, but in the first one, she’s wearing a yellow miniskirt.

Miranda paired the yellow miniskirt with a yellow cardigan on top. The skirt had green trim to it while the cardigan had pink trim along with its white buttons.

Underneath, Miranda added a simple white tank top that added somewhat of a professional tone to the overall outfit. She looked business-savvy and ready to seize the day.

Miranda didn’t skip out on jewelry by adding a simple necklace with a charm along with a pair of small dangly earrings.

She parted her hair to the side and wore it in waves down on one side of her face. Her makeup looked flawless with shiny eyeshadow, rosewood lipstick, bronzer, and mascara.

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