Miracle Kaye Hall on Love & Hip Hop: Everything we know about Rich Dollaz baby mama

Miracle Kaye Hall
Rich Dollaz baby mama Miracle Kaye Hall made her debut on Love & Hip Hop amid some major legal trouble. Pic credit: VH1

Now that Season 9 of Love & Hip Hop is in full swing, we’re finally getting around to Rich Dollaz and the huge legal problems his baby mama is facing. Miracle Kaye Hill, mother to Rich’s daughter Ashley, finally made her debut this season as Rich looks to help support her and Ashley while she’s dealing with the fallout from shooting her husband.

On Love & Hip Hop

On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop, we learned a bit more about Miracle’s legal situation and what led up to it. Rich Dollaz confirmed during a conversation with his mother that Miracle shot her husband but there’s so much more to it.

Miracle claims that she shot in self defense and her husband didn’t want to press charges. That didn’t matter though, because the state of Mississippi did press charges and initially, she was charged with attempted murder.

The charges were soon downgraded and instead, she was hit with a domestic violence-related charge of aggravated assault, which could potentially land her in prison for several years.

Miracle Kaye Hall was arrested in Mississippi in March for allegedly shooting her husband. Pic credit: DeSoto County Jail
Miracle Kaye Hall was arrested in Mississippi in March for allegedly shooting her husband. Pic credit: DeSoto County Jail

Miracle was offered a plea deal but she’s holding out, hoping to avoid a stint in prison altogether. However, going to trial means she could risk an even longer sentence if she is found guilty.

To make matters worse, Rich is concerned because it was his 19-year old daughter Ashley who took her stepfather to the hospital. Rich is beside himself upset that his daughter was even put in that situation to begin with and nothing about her mother’s marriage sounds healthy.

This isn’t the first time Miracle has appeared on Love & Hip Hop. In fact, she has IMDB credits for six episodes of the VH1 series, dating all the way back to 2015.

Who is Miracle Kaye Hall’s husband?

Little is known about Miracle Kaye Hall’s current courtroom status but we have managed to figure out who her husband is (or was). Just last year, Miracle updated an older story she did with Walking Into A New Life, where she discussed her marriage and her life.

Miracle’s husband is Theaudry Hall and the two have been married for eight years now. In the interview, Miracle spoke about an abusive ex in her past and how she escaped and overcame that abuse.

Considering her legal woes stemming from shooting her husband and her claim of self defense, it makes her past interview all the more interesting. In it, she claimed Theaudry was the opposite of her ex and that they had a healthy relationship.

Also noted in the interview is that Miracle and Theaudry lived in Memphis together before moving to Olive Branch, Mississippi — the town where she was arrested for shooting him.

We were also able to uncover a divorce filing from August 2016 where Miracle filed to divorce Theaudry. A reconciliation was filed just a month later and the divorce case was thrown out in May of the following year.

The paperwork was filed in Shelby County, Mississippi and since Olive Branch is located in DeSoto County, it’s possible that she could have been living elsewhere at the time. When she was arrested last year, she was in Olive Branch.

What’s going on with Miracle now?

It’s still not entirely clear what will happen (or has happened already) in terms of Miracle Kaye Hall’s aggravated assault charges in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

While it’s looking more and more like Miracle is still free, since Rich Dollaz has been posting pictures with her and their daughter Ashley, what we don’t know is if the trial date has passed yet or if she was able to settle and stay out of prison.

However, the latest photo he shared of the three as Love & Hip Hop shared their story is clearly a throwback since he shared a similar photo back in November.

Miracle Kaye Hall’s Instagram has been deleted for at least several months now so we can’t pull clues about her whereabouts from there. Ashley has Instagram though and around the same time Rich posted, Ashley did too.

In the photo of herself and her mother, Ashley wrote, ” keep fighting until the victory is won.” That makes us believe that either Miracle is in jail or she’s still fighting to stay out but it doesn’t look like this is over.

We can look forward to finding out more as Season 9 of Love & Hip Hop continues and more of Miracle’s story is told.

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