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Minnie Driver stuns in a bikini at the beach with her new puppy

Minnie Driver close up
Minnie Driver is enjoying the warm summer sun at the beach with her new dog. Pic credit: © Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

Minnie Driver is living her best life on the beach in Malibu with her dog.

The 52-year-old actress proved age is nothing but a number as she enjoyed a beach day on Thursday morning with her puppy before enjoying a surf session and catching plenty of rays.

Minnie wore a tiny bandeau-style bikini top with thin asymmetrical strings holding it up and a cutout that showed off just a hint of cleavage.

Her bikini bottoms were also black and high-waisted, giving the Good Will Hunting actress the perfect amount of coverage as she played in the sun.

She accessorized her bikini with a straw hat secured tightly under her chin to keep the sun off her face, and she paired that with a pair of sunglasses and a big smile.

The best accessory, though, was Minnie Driver’s dog, who was thoroughly enjoying the time out playing in the sand and water.

Minnie Driver in a black bikini
Minnie Driver is enjoying a day at the beach in Malibu. Pic credit: fries / Backgrid

Minnie Driver opens up about aging in her memoir

Minnie Driver really seemed to be enjoying herself on the Malibu beach, playing, soaking up the sun and even doing a little surfing.

This proves her point in her recent memoir, Managing Expectations, where Minnie talked about getting older and how she feels the same now as she did when she was 25 years old.

The Circle of Friends actress talked about surfing, among the other activities she really enjoys, and made it clear that she doesn’t intend to stop doing them any time soon and certainly not because she’s of a certain age.

“It bugs me, the whole idea that I have to change anything about my life, because I feel exactly the same on the inside,” she wrote in the book (via Prevention).

Minnie wasn’t a fame seeker

With 88 film credits to her name, Minnie Driver is a big star and she’s even appeared on TV in a Will & Grace cameo and had a part in Prime Video’s Modern Love, but that’s not what she set out to do in the beginning.

She told The Guardian last year, “The idea of maintaining, of being a movie star, for decades, I clearly did not have that. I did not have the appetite. Ambition requires you to create really big things that you’re supposed to want, and then they become totems to a person that you actually may not be. But you’re encouraged to worship at those totems because that’s what keeps the engine of Hollywood going.”

Well, she’s still going and has a handful of new projects on the way, including roles in Chevalier and Rosaline, which are set to be released in September and October, respectively.

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Paul R
Paul R
1 month ago

Good for you and you look fabulous. So glad you’re not letting age or anyone else define you or how you chose to dress. Yet another reason to love this talented actress!

Nancy Williams
Nancy Williams
1 month ago
Reply to  Paul R

She looks well not good wtf are you talking about??? Your dead ass wrong lol 😂