Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles divorce: Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd call it quits after 5 years

Josh Flagg. NBC Universal Press Tour Summer 2014 - Day 2 held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
Million Dollar Listing star Josh Flagg announced he and his husband, Bobby Boyd, are divorcing. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Selling glamorous houses can result in leading a glamorous life, but sometimes things don’t work out the way people plan. 

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Josh Flagg announced that he and his husband, Bobby Boyd, are separating after five years of marriage. 

Josh and Bobby both released separate statements on their individual Instagram accounts. They advised fans that they spent a long time discussing their relationship before deciding that divorce was the right choice.

Although fans may only get a glimpse of their personal feelings for each other, Josh and Bobby don’t appear to have any hard feelings between them and they seem amicable despite their separation.

Josh Flagg announces divorce from Bobby Boyd

Both men released their own statements regarding their separation and their feelings for each other.

Josh posted his statement to his Instagram Story and as its own post. He started by saying that he and Bobby are getting a divorce and said “this might sound abrupt but I felt I should be transparent from the top rather than bury the headline. This was not a rash or impulsive decision. We have been very thoughtful before coming to this conclusion.”

He continued his post by assuring fans that their separation isn’t happening because they don’t love each other or that there wasn’t enough love, but because they are “growing in different directions” and both want “very different things for ourselves.”

He told fans that he cares for Bobby and has “nothing but love and respect for him.” He wants their separation to show the love and respect that is still held between the two of them. 

The post ended with a brief thanks to everyone for their support.

The two have shared five years of marriage together. TMZ reports “the split is amicable.”

Bobby Boyd opens up about divorce from Josh Flagg

Shortly after Josh released his statement regarding their separation, Bobby released a statement about the divorce as well. 

Bobby shared a post to his own page and advised fans that he wouldn’t change the last six years of his life as he “met and fell in love with my best friend.” 

He reminisced for a moment, discussing how close they became from the very beginning and how fast their relationship moved. 

Bobby says they “had a whirlwind of a love story” and he “will forever be grateful” for their time together. He said that they “both taught each other so much and have learned so much about ourselves throughout our relationship.”

In the second half of his statement, he reiterated that he and Josh have been discussing their relationship for a couple of months. He went on to say that they wanted it to be a private matter just between the two of them and wished to “not involve” the majority of their friends and family.

He closed his statement by telling fans that they did everything they could to make their relationship work.

Although it may be disappointing to see Josh and Bobby separating, their mature announcements and open feelings are a nice turn of events compared to some divorces that end in hard feelings.

Aside from Million Dollar Listing, Josh has his own Youtube Channel and Bobby has his own TikTok account. They both post new content regularly.

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2 years ago

Hoping it would last. Real life gets in the way.