Millie Bobby Brown tells boyfriend Jake Bongiovi ‘always b my baby’ in sweet post

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown shares sweet post with Jake Bongiovi. Pic credit: ©

Millie Bobby Brown has been enjoying a summer of fun after the release of Stranger Things Season 4.

She and her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, spent a lot of time in Italy and around Europe as they hiked, went to beaches, and sampled Paris.

Although Millie rarely updates her social media accounts (in fact, she has someone else manage them for her), she has been updating her followers on her recent endeavors a bit more frequently.

When she isn’t promoting her latest acting slot or her beauty brand, florence by mills, she’s usually sharing pics of her and Jake.

Earlier this week, she shared a post with her 57.5 million followers to give a small shoutout to Jake.

The short but sweet caption read, “always b my baby<3,” and the post has received over 4.3 million likes since it was posted.

Millie Bobby Brown and boyfriend Jake Bongiovi share dessert in sweet post

The post contained one photo and one video of the two as they appeared to enjoy a night out.

The black and white photo shows Jake and Millie at a table sharing a large dessert as they flash grins at each other, neither one looking directly at the camera.

The video after the photo shows the two playing Dance Dance Revolution in a seemingly empty arcade (with Millie as the clear winner).

Millie has shared three posts on Instagram this week, her first time posting since July 24.

Along with her date picture, she promoted a florence by mills product and shared that she was on the cover of Allure magazine.

Millie Bobby Brown admits she is not a ‘perfect person,’ opens up about healing

Millie got rather open and raw while speaking with Allure for her recent interview.

She opened up on why she doesn’t use social media herself and has someone else handle her Instagram and Facebook pages (her only accounts). As a rising star, everyone always has something to say, and it’s not always positive.

Essentially growing up in the spotlight after acting in Stranger Things, Millie was under constant criticism, and people seemed to expect her to fit into their own ideas of her as she learned and grew as a person.

She admitted that it was hard to learn who she was and how to balance who she is with who everyone wanted her to be.

In 2018, she was “publicly humiliated” by a popular TikTok user, and it took a long time to come back from that.

She revealed, “It was a year of healing. When you get publicly humiliated this way, I felt so out of control and powerless. Walking away and knowing that I’m worth everything and this person didn’t take anything from me, it felt very empowering. It felt like my life had finally turned a page and that I actually had ended a chapter that felt so f***ing long.”

“Ultimately, all I wanted to do within my career is help young girls and young people out there know that I, too, go through things. I’m not this perfect person that is selling skin-care products and [who is] in Stranger Things. I absolutely have made wrong decisions.”

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