Millie Bobby Brown shares exciting news about Essentia partnership

Millie Bobby Brown poses for a selfie.
Millie Bobby Brown rocked sheer tights with a miniskirt to update her fans about her latest partnership. Pic credit: @milliebobbybrown/Instagram

Millie Bobby Brown is expanding upon her illustrious career by branching out into the world of brand partnerships.

The 19-year-old star of Stranger Things and Enola Holmes made a big announcement today as she prepared to join up with Essentia Water to help promote the brand.

Going with a fun, preppy ensemble for her share, Millie looked fantastic as she sported a high-collared, long-sleeved black shirt.

Millie kept her long, brunette locks down, with wisps of grown-out bangs framing her features for a fresh look.

Thick, gold hoop earrings decorated her earlobes, and her face was left mostly untouched by makeup.

The star posed on what appeared to be a set, with a chair with her name on it sitting near her and a script in her hands.

A red miniskirt and sheer, black tights adorned her lower half, and a bottle of Essentia water sat propped in the crook of her elbow.

Millie Bobby Brown poses for Essentia

In her second snap, Millie could be seen farther away as she stood on a tabletop while looking down at her script.

Shiny, knee-high boots decorated her feet and lower legs to complete her upscale vibe.

Shot number three saw Millie relaxing in her set chair as she continued holding the paper in front of her and sipped from her Essentia bottle.

For the final pic, Millie made sure to hold her water bottle so that the camera could capture a crystal-clear view of the label as she glanced behind her shoulder.

Millie captioned her post, explaining that the announcement was a tough one to hide from her fans while relaying her excitement for the new venture.

Millie Bobby Brown partners with Essentia

“it’s been hard to keep this one under wraps but I’m SO excited to announce my new partnership with [Essentia Water],” Millie penned by her new photos, adding, “if you know me well, you know that whether I’m on set or working on [Florence], Essentia is my go-to water that keeps me hydrated.”

Millie continued her post by proclaiming her love for the brand, which sells ionized alkaline water that boosts ph levels in the body.

She ended her share by informing fans that more news of her latest partnership would be coming soon via the Essentia brand’s Instagram page.

According to the Essentia website, the label was started in 1998 when founder Ken Uptain was introduced to alkaline water in Japan and immediately saw the benefits of the enhanced liquid on his body.

“This personal experience ignited his interest to bring the product to consumers in the United States and subsequently acquire the rights to use the proprietary technology,” reads the Our Story section of the site.

“His engineering team improved and refined the process for mass production and incorporated a proprietary mineral blend, resulting in Essentia’s ionized alkaline water – the first offered in the U.S.”

After a nearly two-decade-long journey to get their water onto shelves across America, the company experienced major success when Essentia became “the top-selling premium bottled water brand and #1 ionized alkaline water brand in the natural foods retail channel.”

With sizes of the bottles ranging from 12 ounces all the way up to 1.5 liters, Essentia seems to have a size fit for anyone and any need.

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