Millie Bobby Brown barefoot in white promises ‘lots to come in 2023’

Millie Bobby Brown poses for a selfie
Millie Bobby Brown went barefoot to tease what’s coming in 2023. Pic credit: @florencebymills/Instagram

Millie Bobby Brown channeled good vibes for 2023 in a fun barefoot photoshoot. The 18-year-old actress posed for a unique photo while wearing all white in the middle of a field.

A glare from the sunlight was visible in the top left corner of the picture. Meanwhile, behind her was a field of green grass with a wooden fence and a treeline visible in the distance.

At the forefront of the photo was Brown seated on white bedding spread over the green grass. She posed, sitting down amid the rumpled white bed sheets and two matching white pillows.

Meanwhile, she matched the white bedding with a cozy-looking outfit from her Florence by Mills About You collection. Her outfit consisted of white pants and a matching white long-sleeve shirt.

She opted to go barefoot for the photo and wore her hair tied back in a bun with a few loose strands brushing her forehead. Brown kept her accessories simple, her only jewelry being a pair of gold hoop earrings.

The photo captured her mid-laugh, and she wrote in the caption, “days like these make me happy.” She also teased that there was “lots to come in 2023.”

What does Millie Bobby Brown have planned for 2023?

Brown didn’t give too many hints about what is coming in 2023. However, she did tag her beauty brand, Florence by Mills, in the caption, and also seemed to be hiding something in the photo, which she edited to be covered with a small heart.

Brown could be teasing some new products for Florence by Mills. She has been growing it steadily since she first launched the beauty brand in 2019.

However, she could also be teasing more updates about her flourishing acting career. In 2023, she is already slated to appear in the lead role of the upcoming Netflix film, Damsel.

Damsel will mark her third film in collaboration with Netflix after she starred in and produced the streamer’s Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2. For Damsel, she was elevated to the position of executive producer behind the scenes.

In 2023, she could announce some additional upcoming projects or perhaps some updates on the projects in development, like Stranger Things Season 5 and The Girls I’ve Been film adaption.

She could also be eyeing further business ventures, given the success of Florence by Mills. Whatever is coming in 2023, Brown seems ready and optimistic about it.

Inside Brown’s Florence by Mills brand

As said above, Brown officially launched her Florence by Mills brand in 2019 when she was just 15 years old. She has built up quite a successful brand in just three short years.

The brand’s name is made up of her nickname “Mills,” as well as the name of her great-grandmother, Florence. She has revealed that the goal of Florence by Mills is to help all individuals love, embrace, and express themselves with clean, simple, and fun products.

A big portion of the brand is skincare products because Brown noted that there weren’t many skincare products tailored toward young people. She told PEOPLE, “I think every young person deserves to have a good start to their skincare routine and beauty routine.”

The brand has since grown to include makeup and hair care products, as well. Most recently, it started delving into the clothing department, partnering with About You to launch the brand’s very first clothing collection.

Brown has managed to maintain her business’s success with social media promotions, new product additions, and by boasting a mission that resonates well with its target market.

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